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The first boy who he met when he awoke decided it was pertinent to quote bible verses and say "God Bless" as he left. Normally Kevin really had no points of interest among religions or faith - he was a fairly agnostic person. Strangely enough, though, Kevin felt a sudden envy at what he perceived to be the stronger ability that faithful people had to face death. They expected a paradise on the other side, so it was easy to consider leaving this Earth. Kevin looked around. Paradise was a long, long way off. On a personal level, Kevin just couldn't subscribe to religion itself - it just didn't make much sense to him. Now, with the prospect of dying all around him, it seemed a lot more useful than he could've imagined.

The second one introduced himself as Andrew Mitchell, who had helped bury a kid who got shot in the head. Kevin couldn't help but smirk at the very casual way they both discussed experiences of death and the horrors around them. Kevin was certain he'd seen a black comedy SOTF sketch somewhere on Youtube. The site really lost any kind of taste a LONG time ago. In any case, they sounded quite similar.

Kevin sat up, and brushed off some of the sand.

"What a fucked up world we live in. "

He rubbed his eyes.

"So... have any plans for survival?"
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