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The air froze.

Milo heard Jessica sneeze, heard a small "crack" sound, and felt a sudden stab of pain in his groin, followed by her saying "Oh jesus. Oh jesus, Milo, I am SO sorry!"

He looked down, expecting to see that she had inadvertently shot his man-berries off; it certainly felt like that. However, what he saw confused him.

There appeared to be a small hypodermic syringe sticking into his genitals. Milo screamed.

"What the fuck did you... what the fuck!? Oh my fucking..." His screaming trailed off into incomprehensible gibberish. He suddenly felt very tired and dizzy. He looked up and noted that everything seemed a little bit... juicy.

He glanced over at the man who broke his speakers, and suddenly everything clicked.

He stared, and continued staring for about five minutes.

"Oh my god, you're Mecha-Bigfoot!" he slurred loudly, out of the blue.
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