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Still wiping her face, Gloria tried to smile again at the first boy's talking of games and HP and the like. It was a funny thing to be thinking about, treating this like a game, but--wait. It really was a game, wasn't it? A scary, dangerous game, but a game. (For a second, Gloria thought of that story, the one about the man who hunted humans because animals had lost the thrill. It disturbed her to think of it then, and even more now.)

Maybe this was how he dealt with trauma. Gloria cried and generally fell to pieces, this boy treated it as a video game with HP and MP. If he was killed, would he even be afraid right before? If it were a game, he'd just get up with one less life...Gloria shook her head again, sniffling. No, that was stupid. That was a terrible way to think of it. It'd make you careless.

The other guy seemed more serious about it though...But--
"I suppose you already heard, but Nick Reid killed someone. Thing is, I could have stopped him."

But he was only scaring her more. "Wh-what?" she hiccuped. He looked upset now, and kept talking, but she didn't hear most of it--some weird sort of roaring her ears. Maybe it was stress getting to her even more. She suddenly had to fight the urge to vomit.

"... now two people are dead. Despite everything I tried, I couldn't protect anyone, couldn't prevent anything."

Stop it, stop it, stop it...

"I just want to help but... I can't do it alone."

"What?!" Gloria squeaked again, tightening her grip on the gun even more, making her hand hurt and her knuckles white. She stared up with wide eyes, feeling her stomach start to hurt. Was he implying..? "Y-You're recr-re-recruiting p-people aren't...ar-aren't you?" She shook her head rapidly. "B-But I ca-can't do...d-do anything--I-I wanna st-stay in a...a-a group, but..." She lowered her head, staring at the gun. She didn't want to be turned away, she needed company...but this guy had seen someone kill another, right? He might see more. Michael might've missed any deaths, but...Oh, this was so messed up.

"I do-don't know what...to d-do a-anym--more..." she whimpered, lifting her gun up into view.
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