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Janet smiled as Jay blabbered on about vomiting and carousels. She ignored him while she plotted.

'Jay will be useful, if only as a layer of meat between me and the people who want to kill me.

Ugh. This Fun Fair is too open. Too many places for people to hide, and we're out in the open.

I think merely thinking that thought is inviting Murphy's law to strike us all down and kill us until we die from it.'

She took Jay's proffered hand and climbed onto the carousel beside him. The carousel was old, with the horses made out of wood- an abundant resource on this island. The paint that used to mark the horses was fading, chipping, and in some cases covered in what appeared to be bird excrement. It was probably poetic- something about how even the most beautiful objects could be tarnished or... well, shat upon.

As Jay had chosen an excrement free spot to sit, Janet was comfortable sitting beside him. The carousel was just far enough out of the sun to have a slight chill to it. Janet, with no small mental effort, placed her hockey stick down, leaned against a headless horse. She leaned forward slightly to lift her day pack to her lap. With deliberate incidence, she put her hand on Jay's knee and leaned against him slightly, with a small sigh- she hoped of contentment, she had never had cause to sigh in contentment before.
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