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Crap. Turned out that Brock's paranoia was on the mark. There were people about and what's more, one of them had a pretty damn big gun strapped across their back. Not in a state of readiness but still, damn big gun. Actually, now that Brock gave her more than a second glance, she seemed almost fami-

It was one of those 'disability' classes that Brock always hated so much. They were only weekly classes, but they served as a repeated reminder as to everything that his disorder had put him through - as if the issues Brock had making it through the school day weren't enough. He supposed that he took enough from them to get past his dyslexia to an extent, but the fact was that he just wasn't too bright.

Still, this was the very first one he'd been at since having been told he'd need to repeat a grade. The faces of the other kids (only a couple of them) were pretty new to him, so the tutor had asked for a little roll call just to make sure they were all introduced.

Rankling in the knowledge that these guys were his new peer group, he'd mumbled "Brock Mason," and they'd moved on around the little circle until they'd come to a girl with brown hair and a ponytail. A girl Brock would later learn didn't suffer quite as severely from dyslexia as he did (lucky). A girl who was called...

"Sarah Atwell."



She'd won a best kill award.

Oh fuck.

Brock was about to book it from the killer and her crony but at that moment, Sarah started to speak. The footballer stopped in midturn and looked back at her, an incredulous look coming onto his face as she came up with some story. Brock might've believed her, since that Danya guy was clearly an utter asshole, but for the best kill aspect of it. That rifle, whatever it was, had to have been the prize. Brock just didn't see giving out a gun like that for a lie. No, the guy was a twisted fucker. He'd give the award to somebody he thought would make use of it. What kind of moron did Sarah take Brock for anyway to think he'd buy a line like that?

Oh wait. The kind that couldn't even get over a stupid disorder that she'd coped with fine.

Actually, fuck her. Fuck Sarah Atwell and her assessment of his intelligence. Fuck her stupid little sidekick and fuck this 'island' bullshit. Brock knocked the bottle aside with his trainer and started stalking towards the pair of them, not even thinking about his gun (or hers, even), teeth gritted, breath huffing through his nostrils like some kind of bull.

"I get it Sarah. You think just cause I ain't that smart that I'll fall for any line you feed me. Well you ain't FURTHER from the truth! I'm no genius but I ain't no moron either you bitch!"

Brock picked up the pace, starting to flat out charge towards them, the shale crunching beneath his feet. It was like being on the football field again. That there was the quarterback. As his footfalls thundered closer and closer, the adrenaline rush was setting his blood to pumping and his heart to hammering. Thump thump thump thump.

Joining the symphony.
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