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To say that Imraan had been unprepared for the shots being fired his way would have been a gross understatement. He hadn't expected it, he hadn't even *thought* about it, and if it had crossed his mind, he certainly wouldn't have expected the shots to come from the direction they had. All his attention had been focused on the new arrival to the area.

So when the loud, dry popping sounds suddenly came from behind him, he didn't have any chance to get out of the way, or react in any fashion at all. All he did was turn his body, wondering what the heck that noise was, when Cody Jenkins barreled into him.

"What the heck, man!"

If he'd been on the court, Imraan would have been able to hand a short, kinda fat kid running into him with ease. He was a bit on the skinny side for his height, but that was only because it took some time for body mass to catch up to length, and he was used to brushing aside people who wanted to knock him around. But he'd been completely caught off guard by whatever was going on, and instead of keeping his balance he stumbled backwards. Then his legs crashed against each other and he went down, dropping the shotgun and suddenly aware of something buzzing by his head.

He hit the ground and rolled away from Cody, grasping for the shotgun in the dirt a few feet away from him. All he could figure was that Cody was for some reason trying to get his gun, and he couldn't let that happen. He crawled a couple feet and grabbed the shotgun's stock, still dazed but expecting Cody to jump on top of him at any moment and go for the gun, mentally preparing himself for the fight that he thought was coming, and then he rolled over again and saw that Cody Jenkins wasn't going anywhere. He was lying in the dirt, either dead or dying.

For a second Imraan just stared at that, blinking, unbelieving. Then he realized what had happened, and he turned and saw Maxwell Lombardi off on the distance, jumping into the cover of the trees.

Maxwell Lombardi. Killer. He'd opened fire on them. No, scratch that. Maxwell had opened fire on HIM, and Cody had shoved him out of the way. And now Cody was dead, and Maxwell was off in those trees somewhere.

Now what? He wanted to say something, he wanted to THINK something, but somehow it was all going blank right now. He was taking huge gasps of air, filling his lungs, but he wasn't going to scream, or yell anything at the guy hiding in the woods.

Instead, he just began walking towards where he'd seen Maxwell disappear. He brought the shotgun up, and pulled the trigger. He wasn't quite prepared for the force of the weapon, and the blast stopped him for a moment, but that was all. He kept walking, ready to fire again.
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