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[Sorry for skipping, SRJJJB, but as it's been two weeks sine your last post]

A friend.

Gary said he was a friend. Rein's friend. Hadn't Rein wanted to find a Gary? How luck, then, that he had stumbled itno the midst of their group. Stumbled into them, into the smoking corpse of...

Aw, Christ.

He looked down at her body. Immediately wanted to jerk his eyes away but force himself to look at the clumsily severed wound, the jagged tears reaching down to her chest and blackened skin where the explosion had charred it.

Death. She was dead. Dead as any deer Simon had ever shot down, dead by her own had. Was there any difference, really, between the corpse of a girl and the corpse of a deer.

Big difference.

What? What's the difference?

She was a girl.

He grunted, looked down at the gun in his hand--the gun still pointed after Gary, who had turned and walked away as confident as could be. Did he have that much faith in Simon? Did he really believe...

Well, why shouldn't he? They had only the word of Danya that their fellow students had turned. Gary still believed in him.

Carol had already left. Were they going to lose her? Lose her like that had lost Kari?

Are you gonna someone get hurt before your eyes again?

"Rein, come on," he growled, and went loping after Carol and Gary.

[Simon Grey concluded in Lean on Me.]
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