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Jay could feel his hormones rising up, swallowing his common sense. He drummed his fingers together as he made his way with Janet over towards the Carousel, trying to avoid breaking into a grin. It was impossible but it was true. He'd met Janet. She wasn't crazy. She was even acting FLIRTY.

For a class trip, this isn't so bad after all...

"Oh yeah, that sounds like a great idea! Yeah, Carousel. I fuckin' loved those when I was a kid. This one time, me an' Jojo rode one, and I think he gave some booze or- or something before and I puked all over this little girl, and I got kicked out- and- that's not really all that funny, but yeah- it wasn't really a bad thing, I mean, the Carnies probably sprayed her down and I'm talking too much, and- point is. Let's go sit and just calm down. Well, me calm down. You're plenty calm..."

Jay scratched his head and looked around, unsure of what exactly he should do. Should he tell Janet about the gun? About Maria, and the crazy bitch who'd killed her? She'd certainly benefit from that knowledge. What was the girls name? Jacky? He was pretty certain it was Jacky. But then again, Jay was forgetful. It came with his profession. His gun shifted uncomfortably in his pants and he adjusted it as he walked with Janet. He wasn't exactly sure why he had put it in his pocket, he didn't know how to use it and it wasn't even loaded. It made him feel safer, all the same. Gangbangers suddenly made more sense to him.

Coming up to the Carousel, Jay jumped up atop it, climbing over the bars then turning back to help Janet.

"Care for a helping hand?" He said, smiling. It was unbelievable that he had such good luck, encountering someone he knew, who was still entirely sane.

I may be useless, but I'm still a gentleman... I wonder if Everett was a gentleman.

Jay felt a sudden surge of fear, deep within him. Could he really trust Janet, with only her word to back it up? It wasn't paranoia, was it? Jay didn't know what to think. At the moment, he didn't WANT to think in the first place. At the moment, he could be at any carousel he wanted, a thousand miles away from this place with Janet, a smoking hot and very cool girl by all accounts.

Caution was never useful before, I mean, fuck! Being impulsive is what got me introduced to this chick in the first place... Maybe I'm just thinking too much. Maybe with Janet, I can get out of here... Maybe with Janet, this entire place will just lighten up a bit...
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