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There was a distant swishing sound and a crack as a tree branch was bent backwards, and swung back into place. The branch vibrated with the movement, making the rustling leaves sound like harsh whispers. Her top teeth met her lip, and she felt the dry skin being stretched and strained. The voice, sound familiar, an uncanny resemblance to somebody she had already spoken with. However, she never spoke to anyone.

The footsteps stamped across the ground as the person tried to keep balance. Haruka's teeth dug deeper into her bottom lip, heat and dryness turned into a slight sting. She shut her eyes and her fingernails began scooping up more soil from the flowerbed. The other two, Craig and Trent had seen the person, she didn't want to turn her head because she knew that any confidence and strength she had amassed would be disintergrated immediately. Sometimes it was better to just close your eyes and hold the sheet over your head.

"It's you..."

The voice was definitely masculine, a small relief.

Faded images of the deathgirl crept through Haruka's mind to non-diegetic tribal drumbeats. The beats grew faster as the girl began crawling across the grass behind her, with her blistered hands, bloody clothes and muddy face...Sliding the survival knife out from behind her back and placing one crudely bandaged hand on Haruka's shoulder...Haruka keeping her eyes glued shut, a thin ribbon of blood stretching from her lip to the bottom of her chin...The harsh, dry whispering of the girl with the stringy hair as she placed the knife over Haruka's throat and...The drumming stopped.

"Uh...hey, it's okay. I'm still not here to hurt you or anything."

Haruka's eyes fluttered open. A loose but near certain guess branded this person as her stalker, not Craigs, not Trents, her own tracker. Hunting her down, was this the boogeyman who loomed over her in the tunnels? Scared her away from the river? Followed her into the woods? And now that she had found some form of safety and company, had the boogeyman closed the distance?

Don't turn around, please don't turn around, just get up and run and just leave, take one of the guys bags if you have to but just run away and hide some more, okay?

Her legs wouldn't move, she felt them but could not will them into doing a thing. Perhaps the opposite of phantom limb, she didn't know, but she felt well and truly screwed. Her clammy hands, slicked with cold sweat, were glued to the bricked rim of the flowerbed and her stomach was sinking lower and lower until she was positive she was going to see it hanging out from beneath her skirt in the next few minutes. Her mouth was dry and her throat rough. She was suddenly jerked back into the real world by the sharp sting of her bottom lip splitting open.

"I mean, I'm not following you or anything. I was just heading in the same direction."

Her stomach began crawling its way up into her abdomen and her feet twitched momentarily. She wanted to run fowards, take Trents club thing and turn, battering her stalker with it. She needed to do something, prove to herself that she wasn't just a useless little kid who sat around jumping at everything.

She was always the mouse or the rabbit, or whatever rodent acted more cowardly. Jerking her head around, hopping away and burrowing under a mountain of sawdust. When a rat was backed into the corner, they fought back no matter how outnumbered they were. Even if the odds had been stacked against the rat, or herself, at least she'd have a chance at...at...

"Uh... hey there! Don't worry about it too much, just sit with us if you want. We're resting, not going to kill you either."

You have to be kidding me, please! Why isn't anybody asking me for my opinion? I don't want to die! I'm being...I'm being...stalked! That never ends well and...and...Oh God, why is this happening? Craig you...you...You don't invite stalkers to a picnic or...

Haruka turned her head. Her eyes widened like saucers and she let out a shrill scream. She had no idea that Craig had been talking to two people, she thought only her own (although it could have been Trent's or Craig's stalker too, but the voice sounded too familiar for that to be the case) stalker was being addressed.

If they are...If they are hostile or...Or bad or, we're almost outnumbered! Craig's too...kind and oh forgive me for saything this, he looks like he'd get worn out after two punches and and Trent doesn't look much better and...We'll be outnumbered, I can't fight...I can't! It's not in my nature I've never done it before I...I...I can run...Now, run, yes, now...

"Chill out, man. We're not part of the murderin' trade, and I'm in no shape to kick your ass today."

Damn you Trent! Haruka thought, and clenched her fists for a moment, her knuckles cracked loudly. She hung her head, looking down at her feet. She wasn't sure if she could run yet, she still felt wooden and stiff, she had woken up less than ten minutes ago after sleeping in a flowerbed of all places. She wasn't sure if she could survive another day without a roof. I'm not built for this...I...I can't live like this, I'm just a pathetic, doodling, soap watching, fragile little girl who sinks under the radar and now...Everything is changing and I'm not ready!

The two boys, Duncan, who she had met earlier in the tunnels. The big tomb, he got out too, did he? Good for him, she had gotten lost so many times she thought she was never going to see sunlight again. He was the least harmless of the group, and she had deserted them whilst they plotted with the deathgirl, the one with the knife. Duncan seemed okay, not violent, but people change alot in a day, plus he had been with that creep Ethan and that shrew Feo. She couldn't help but assume they weren't far behind, they had been a team, at least, she thought they were.

The other boy, David M. had completely snuck up on the group. At least, Trent and Craig hadn't nudged her or anything, maybe they just thought of her as luggage. She knew David was relatively popular, in a friendly way rather than being stuck up, he also did baseball too but Haruka wasn't much into sports. He had seemed like a nice enough guy back at Bayview, but so had lots of other people who had since turned into killers. At least she could possibly rely on Duncan to not stab her in the back with one of his stick things, but as for David, right now she didn't trust him as far as she could throw him.

"Now if you're stickin' around, come make yourself useful. I'm not... great with maps."

They're friendly, naive, worn out and overly trusting, plus Trent can't read a map, and now they've welcomed two possible killers into the fold. I don't know what on earth David has gotten up to, but for all I know Duncan could have butched Ethan, Feo and that loudmouthed goon Frankie. Maybe even the deathgirl unless she spider-crawled back up the walls to her grimy little alcove. I'm starting to wonder if leaving the tunnels was even a good idea now...

"And if you guys wanna stick around too, you better make yourselves real useful."

Haruka looked around from face to face;

Craig, he seemed so friendly and trusting, a real optimist, but was he really suited both physically and mentally for this 'game'? Having him around was a small comfort, but was he reliable?

Duncan, he also seemed nice, but awkward circumstances made him out to be fishy. He did seem sincere if not a little strange, maybe he could be a valuable asset to the group, but where would his loyalty lie? To Craig and Trent? To Ethan and Feo? To a third party?

David, an all-round nice guy back at school, but what had he since been molded into? Haruka didn't know a thing about his whereabouts or behaviour on the island, making him the true gamble. Had he been what she had hoped? Just a troubled individual trying to survive? Or had he resorted to violence? She'd have to listen to his story later in order to make up her full judgement.

And then there was Trent, she hadn't spoken to him at all, at least not directly. Craig seemed to trust him, but he also trusted her on the spot, and both Duncan and David...She couldn't challenge somebody who already had a role in the group before herself, but he was also a gamble. She saw herself and Craig as harmless, Ethan could tip the scale but she knew his alibi, which left both David and Trent as possible psychopaths. She didn't know what to think, maybe she'd talk to Craig later in private, but for now she'd be walking on eggshells.

Trents eyes lingered over her for a moment before averting themselves towards the map. Haruka slowly folded her arms and looked away from the group, towards the morning sky. She was uncomfortable, malnourished and without a weapon. She was the only girl amongst a group of boys and worst of all, she was the sort of girl who was so fragile that the wind might blow her over and shatter her into a plethora of porcelain shards.

She shut her eyes and let out a quiet, rattling sigh. She was in a sticky situation alright, if she stayed she was putting herself in danger, if she fought them she was putting herself in danger if she tried to run away she was putting herself in danger and if she managed to actually lose them she was putting herself in danger. Danger, danger, danger. Haruka quietly thought what the chances were of her seeing the moon again were.

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