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((Omar is being handled as per James' request/instructions upon departure. Everything done with him is approved by all handlers involved))

Omar sat, sat and watched the night. He heard the chaos and confusion near him, of course. It was impossible not to. But he didn't let it bother him too much, didn't let it rattle him. It was completely irrelevant to his goal. If anything, it would help him, help eliminate a few more people standing between Sierra and survival. The less direct work he had to do, the better. Still, he listened very carefully, searching for the telltale sound of her voice, ready to whip out the gun and charge to the rescue if need be. But he didn't hear it. She wasn't here. Of course not.

The sounds of conflict passed, moved away. The quiet returned, but not Omar's peace of mind. He had allowed himself to become distracted, allowed his focus to slip. He had work to do. He had to secure as many advantages as possible, find Sierra, protect her, and blaze a trail for her, a way out of this awful game. He had killed. Had overcome that first hurdle, that moral challenge. He had a gun. He had the motivation necessary.

Sierra hadn't been on the announcements so far, but he couldn't count on that remaining true. She was the most genuinely good person he knew, and there was no way she'd be able to do what needed doing all the time. No, she would be eaten alive by the players on the island, eaten alive by people very much like Omar, people with their own loved ones or selfish desires.

It gave him pause for a second. Really, were the others so different? Or were there more people out there, the same as him, trying the same things for the same reasons?

But then, it didn't matter. Sure, other people would be selfish. Maybe, like Omar, even selfishly altruistic. What mattered was that he come out on top of them all, that he save the one person who really deserved saving. Sierra would survive. It was his goal in life, and he would pursue it until he no longer could.

Idleness was a waste, a waste of time and a waste of potential. He had a job to do.

As gunshots wafted up through the crisp evening air, Omar stood and made his way from the mountain, off the continue his quest, off to rescue his damsel.

((Omar Burton continued in Walk Away))
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