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Marion shifted, she just couldn’t get comfortable. She’d managed to doze for a little while, but it turned out she wasn’t a deep a sleeper as she thought she was. Sighing, she sat up and looked around. The group was still there and it seemed still mourning the loss of friends. Wow, I must have managed a ten minute nap, she thought sarcastically. She stood up and dusted herself off, grabbing her duffle bag. She pulled out her notepad and began scribbling notes.

The group seemed to be fully involved with each other and now seemed as good a time as any to make her escape. She felt very lonely at the moment. She knew a lot of people from her work on the paper, but she wasn’t searching for anyone, there wasn’t one name that she’d been dreading hearing on the announcements. She envied them their grief that they had someone to mourn someone to lose.

She didn’t bother to say good-bye to them; they had barely acknowledged her presence to begin with. Not that she’d been particularly talkative herself. Shouldering her duffle bag she slipped off without another word.

((Marion Summers continued in The Worst Bath Ever))
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