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(Good evening. Let me just place this here. *drops post and runs* )
(Permission granted from Fan for the slight godmod here.)
(Nick LeMonde continued from Twists and Turns)

Nick was nervous. He was in no danger, well, that was a lie, his chances of survival were slim. There was no present danger. No, Nick was just stuck in a very tight booth. He looked calm on the surface, but in reality Nick was holding his breath. His eye was pressed up against a hole in the board and it was about the only thing he had that could distract him from the feeling in his chest. And all he could think about was why.

How did he get back here? Nick tried to remember.

Nick's memory of the past day was blurry to say the least. He only remembered small things. Walking. Laying down with Teo, keeping watch. Almost tripping over a tree root. Walking. Walking. Then they appeared in the fair. Going to the fair as a child. The fair dominated his head like a crooked king. His mind wandering, remembering a time long past. The ferris wheel. Roller coasters. The blood. Then Nick snapped out of his daze. There was blood on the ground. Lots of blood. This wasn't the Minnesota State Fair. Teo said someone was coming. He sounded angry. Nick hadn't been paying attention at the time so he had to take his word for it. Teo told Nick to hide. Nick didn't ask questions.

Oh. That was why he was here. Teo told him to. Huh.

So here they were. Hiding behind a cramped booth that just barely managed to hide them. Nick managed to squeeze in so he could look out of a tiny hole in the side. Nick kept watch. He couldn't see that much. It was enough to know who was coming their way.

Jay Holland. Nick had mixed feelings about Jay. He liked him. Nick hated drugs though. Jay was a nice guy but he was a drug user. At least that's what he heard. Jay was the type of kid who would get high so Nick believed every word. Not entirely innocent. Nick felt like Jay's loss wouldn't shake the earth. Certainly no one they should feel any hesitation with.

"I know it doesn't really matter at this point," Nick loudly whispered, "what with us hiding and all," he shifted his shoulder against the wall of the booth, "but I think we can take Jay at this range. If we need to. Just pop out and nail him."

Nick squinted and studied Jay intently. There was something in Jay's pocket. Nick zoomed in as Jay stepped into a puddle of blood.

"He has a gun." He turned his head away. Pressed his finger to his lip. "Can't make the model from this distance but he has a gun in his pocket. I'm sure of that."

"Janet Binachi is out there too. No one else. At least, not from what I can see."

Nick knew nothing about Janet Binachi past her first name and the fact that she killed someone. Just as well. Makes having to take care of her easier.

Nick turned to Teo. "What do you think we should do?"

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