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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Craig hardly had time to sit down before this particular area became very popular. Somebody had just stumbled out of nowhere near Haruka, at least relative to him, and the other one had stumbled in front of the entire group and was now scrambling backwards while going on about how he didn't want to be killed. The experience was certainly... shocking, to one extend or another, and left Craig sitting on the edge of the flowerbed for a few moments, dumbfounded. Wasn't every day people just showed up for next to no reason and proceeded ot make no sense. Then again, in a strange manner mirroring that of a nonsensical exhibit, it all fit together.

Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Trent take a look over to him, a look which Craig returned. Not a word was exchanged between the two, at least verbally, but just the mutual looks spoke volumes. Making the statement of 'what the fuck is going on?' or 'what do we do now?' would have been pretty accurate. There seemed, in the midst of that look, an agreement that was made. Haruka seemed to have calmed down, at least before the boy (Craig couldn't remember his name... but he kept thinking about coffee and yo-yo's whenever he saw the guy's face, so maybe...) had showed up. Trent seemed to have his hands full with the begger, so Craig decided to do whatever came natural.

"Uh... hey there! Don't worry about it too much, just sit with us if you want. We're resting, not going to kill you either."

All of this was sending a disconcerting message however, and the more Craig dwelled on it, the more he found the implications to be unsettling. He could see this happening if they had just gotten on the island; most, if not all of the kids would have been in shock, just waking up in a whole new world. Hell, they should all still be a little bit scared even two days later, but... not this scared.

They wouldn't be this scared unless something had happened.

The full weight of the announcements still hadn't fallen on Craig's heart. Maybe it was because he hadn't seen the horror for himself; the message could just be propaganda, for all he knew. Where others tried to relax but couldn't, Craig was trying to find the horror in the situation, yet failed. He wasn't on an island with escaped convicts, these were kids. Kids with collars that made poor fashion statements and a random assortment of weapons, but kids nonetheless. Craig knew these faces... grew up with most, knew that even the jocks and the snide commenters were as human as the rest of them, full of anxiety and the potential to grow. Yet, by day 3, three students had shown themselves to Craig and Trent, and they all seemed to be at wit's end.

What had they all seen?
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