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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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(permission granted from the victim. :3)

... Jessica... had made him stop?

"Oh! Uhh..." Jessica's eyes went wide with confusion. Did that really just happen? She half-expected him to kill her. Jessica lowered her gun and pointed it away from the boy."O-Oh, yes, that sounds, uhh, fair?"

Jessica blushed and turned her head away. The new boy (Simon? His name was Simon?) knew where Roman was. Or at least was aware of where he was previously. It was about the only lead Alex and Jessica had to finding him. Which was good. Jessica really wanted to find Roman, at least so Alex would stop worrying about him. Alex didn't show it but she was worried about him, deeply worried. So... Hall of Mirrors? Jessica vaguely recalled a Hall of Mirrors on the map. It was nowhere near where they were now but it wouldn't take them-

Jessica felt it. A pressure building up in her chest. Shit. Jessica opened her mouth.


Jessica held her breath but it didn't help. Jessica bucked her head forward.


Jessica sneezed.


Time stopped. Jessica's head felt numb. Her sneezes were always big attractions, so violent. Her whole body spasmed when she sneezed, and they hurt like hell too. She gasped for air, and brushed her nose against the thin sleeve of her tanktop. She sniffed. She probably looked pretty darn ugly. Three days without a shower, not even a brush or an airdrier. Wiping her nose with her sleeve wasn't going to make matters worse.

Her mind suddenly realized something. Jessica's eyes shot down to her gun. Her finger had pressed the trigger down. Jessica's blood went cold. When she had sneezed, she fired this rifle unconciously and it took her this long to realize it.

She slowly looked up.

"Oh jesus," Jessica cringed. "Oh jesus, Milo, I am SO sorry!"
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