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Garry's sobbing was starting to subside. He wiped his eyes with his left hand and checked his right, noticing small trickles of red-brown making their way down the back of the hand. 'God damn, did I just do that?' Garry thought in awe, staring at the small wound that graced the joints of his index and middle fingers. He wasn't normally a violent person, so his sudden outburst shocked, and to a lesser extent, scared him as well.

'Oh God, what if I'd clocked Luke in the face instead?!' Garry thought, silently thankful for subconsciously choosing the immobile 'target' to take his frustration out on. If he had managed to punch the other boy, he wouldn't have been able to forgive himself. He'd have just played right into Danya's hands and do exactly what the fat bastard wanted them all to do.

Luke suddenly cried out and a new voice spoke after him.

"Huh?" Garry exclaimed, looking round to the source of the noise and finally acknowledging the girl standing there. The first thing he noticed about her were the purple streaks in her otherwise black hair, the second being the slight difference in colour between her eyes (although he put that down to a trick of the light, since he couldn't see them all too clearly).

She said she wasn't playing and only wanted to sleep, and that was fine with Garry. He was probably going to be leaving the area soon anyway. He just didn't know where he'd go next though; what was he supposed to do now? His mission had come to a premature end and there was nothing else he could do. Just thinking about it made his mind swim, and he was only vaguely aware that the purple-haired girl was inquiring him about the self-inflicted wound.

"Um, yeah, I... I'm fine," Garry replied, brushing his good hand through his thick hair. It was a lie; it may have been a minor wound on his hand, but deep down inside, Garry was not fine. "I slammed my fist into the ground. Stupid thing to do, I know."

He immediately turned to the boy next to him. "Luke, who is that?" he asked in a whispered voice. The way he'd shouted out earlier, he'd obviously seen or encountered her before. "You know her or something?"
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