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God was telling you "not yet".
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One of them literally rose up from the soil.

And Craig was apparently loving it.

While the girl had been introducing herself, Duncan had stumbled into the scene, rambling on about tunnels and being a stalker while another guy appeared from nowhere in a wild panic.

But where to start?

The girl - Haruka - seemed harmless enough, even if her entrance reminded him of something out of a fucking zombie movie, and Craig wasn't all that wary of her, so she was fine. But then those other two guys - Duncan and David - had severely crept him out. Duncan's attention was solely focused on the girl from the flowerbed, which was weird considering Craig fucking Hoyle was standing right in front of her, and though he was a bit of a weed, Trent thought he would be at least a little intimidating.

Sighing, he lounged back on the edge of the fountain, kanabo firmly in hand nonetheless. Hey, if Craig was alright with them all being there, making lots of noise and generally being a giant nuisance, then fine. If anything happened to them now, he could take solace in the fact that it was all his partner's responsibility. Awesome. In the mean time, he'd get on with mapping out their next destination in peace.

Glancing up to the left, he noticed the frenzied look on David's face. He hadn't calmed down at all, which was worrying. A quick look at Craig, who was busy being distracted by the other two, he groaned and shoved his weapon back into his daypack.

"Chill out, man. We're not part of the murderin' trade, and I'm in no shape to kick your ass today."

He held down the map with his free hand as he waved the guy over.

"Now if you're stickin' around, come make yourself useful. I'm not... great with maps."

Another look back at the others.

"And if you guys wanna stick around too, you better make yourselves real useful."

His gaze wandered over Haruka's chest for a second, before he turned his head back down to the paper on his lap.
Hello again.
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