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God was telling you "not yet".
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Leila stared at Nathan. Why was he being so helpful all of a sudden? Was he only trying to help her so he could get a glimpse underneath her skirt? Her nose crinkled at the thought, and she went from staring to glaring. What a douche. She watched silently as he dug out the gauze from his bag, then felt the slightest twang of guilt. Only a slight twang, mind you.

"Okay so um...I'm going to need you to put that foot over uh..."

Her eyes followed his for a second, tensing up as he looked for a quiet place to-

"Over here, we'll uh...we'll see what we can do..."


So he really didn't want to perv on her?

She felt a little insulted.

Nevertheless, she sighed, rolled her eyes and followed him over to the flat rock by the wall. Wincing all the while, she eventually sat down and lifted her leg for the boy to examine. He was surprisingly gentle, which relaxed her a little, and although she protested as he started to clean the wound - it stung like a biiitch - she was actually glad someone was taking the time to help her out; even if she didn't want that help to begin with.

Letting him go about his business, she looked over at the huddle of boys in the background. The little chicken-shit, Brook, was apparently about to vomit over the sight of her feet. Yeah? Well fuck you too. As for the other two, they weren't exactly making their feelings about her subtle. Okay, so, she couldn't hear exactly what they were saying, but the looks they were both giving her were less than friendly. What, were they pissed because she was slowing them down? It wasn't like she asked for all this attention, fuck. If they wanted to leave her behind, maybe they should just man up and kill her already, do them all a favour.

"For fuck's sake Leila are you really that fucking stupid? When you could of asked anyone for a spare pair of footwear? Here."

Her throat tightened.

"Excuse me?"

A pair of flip-flops flew towards her and made a wet "plop" when they landed just inches away from her seat. They were ugly-looking things, but at the very least, they meant that she wouldn't have to walk around in bare feet any more. Which was a relief, she guessed.

Then a strange voice called out behind them.

"Need some help?"


"I heard someone...hit their foot?"

Genius. This guy right here - fucking genius.

And then of course:

"You heard right but just stop right where you are, and show us what you're carrying before you get any closer."

Ooh, look at Jason go! Big man with the big gun~! She was surprised he didn't chase the guy away with a spear and face paint. Stuck where she was for now, while Nathan slowly set about patching her up, she shook her head and watched on as the kid trembled towards them. He even had his arms raised. Really? He was scared of this Steve Irwin wannabe?

Maybe we'll get lucky and find a sting ray somewhere.

She smirked, then realized the other guy - Maf, or some shit - was pulling the same stunt as the Aussie.

"Hey, Dumb and Retarded, put the fucking guns down before you hurt yourselves."

Her thumb pointed back at the new guy, she continued.

"You really think this fucker's gonna mow us all down? He looks like he hasn't even got a backbone, let alone a weapon."
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