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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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((Posting because inactivity is a dirty whore))

Maf seemed to have the right idea. Brook started to head his way as soon as the shuffling figures in the tunnel would allow him, getting as far away from the disgusting substance on the ground and on Leila's feet as possible. Jason's reassurances, in this particular case, really weren't as helpful as the Aussie was probably thinking they were, but there was no sense in pointing that out. Instead, the pale-faced gardener had excused himself without a word, going to sit next to Maf.

And then that was looking like a horrible idea too.

"YEECH!" Brook yelped at Maf's sudden movements pulling out a gun and pointing it at somebody. The fact that there was an extra 'somebody' to begin with was almost as disconcerting. No... they didn't need anybody else to join their little party; things were fucked up enough as they were. We don't need any more blood... oh god, please, no more blood...

Maf already had his gun out, and so Brook had time to think twice about pulling his out. He was feeling a bit too faint for that, finding it all the wiser to have the more intimidating Fijian do the work this time around. Brook would just, maybe... stand around and look tough. Whilst hiding behind Maf.

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