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Maf looked around at the rest of the group. No-one seemed to notice what he had just said. No-one seemed to realise he had said anything at all. He was about to repeat himself when the small caught his attention - the smell of blood.

And then Leila started swearing.

Brooks began backing up immediately, while Nathan rushed to her rescue. Maf groaned. She'd stepped on a rock because she'd been too stupid to realise asking for shoes might have been a decent idea, and as he expected, she was holding the group up. For a moment, Maf found himself wishing she'd just get lost - of all the good and decent people on the island, he didn't see why he had to be the personal guard for this bitch. He chased the thought out of his head, returning to the note. He didn't like the implications - even someone like him could see that this figure would do more harm than good.

"Yeah you're right Maf. We should head out and look for her, but we need to hold on just for a second. No use just blindly running about right? We gotta find out where she went, or at least have a general idea, plus everyone's tired. Let's do this the right way, we can't be making mistakes."

"Sure," Maf grunted back at Jason, who, for once, wasn't taking Leila's shit. That made a nice change. The Fijian sat back down on the rock next to his daypack, patting it as he did so. He felt the gun through the canvas - hardly reassuring at a time like this.

A voice echoed through the tunnel. It wasn't a voice Maf recognised. No-one else recognised it either.

Maf moved the fastest he had ever moved in his life.

Within a few seconds, the tiny pistol was out of his bag, in his hands and pointed at the boy in the cave entrance. To say he looked threatening was an understatement - with his build and the gun in his hand, he would have looked terrifying to anyone who had no idea who he was.


Maf lowered the gun, disgusted at himself. This wasn't him. He wasn't the kind of guy who went around pointing guns at people, swearing at girls he didn't like, demanding everything go his way. This wasn't Ma'afu Tuigamala. This was some corruption, a version of him that had been twisted by the island. He didn't like it. He'd never like it.

Maf continued staring at the boy in the mouth of the cave.

He'd never like it. But he was getting used to it.

That was terrifying.
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