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Okay, so the other girl on the scene was actually asleep. Funny that, but what she needed to do now was to focus her attention on the other two. One of them was...crying, a lot. Tounging the inside of her left cheek, she frowned. If someone was crying, and they looked like he did, it must be bad.

And the kid - he recognised her. There was always the off chance that he only knew her from the time she knocked the door into his face a few days ago, but...she had to be sure.

She started by keeping her gun in her bag instead of waving it around.

"Look, I'm-I'm not going to hurt any of you. I'm tired, I'm hungry, and I've been alone for a really long time. I just wanna stop here for a while, and wait until...I dunno what I wanna wait for, but I just wanna stop, okay? I'm not playing, I just need some sleep. Please?"

Raising her bluff to unmeasurable heights was the first thing on the to-do list, just below "try to stay sane" and "don't die until you can figure yourself out". She shifted her feet a little bit closer, and saw the boy's hands, cupping a Beret. Blood. Nothing new, nothing interesting, just your ordinary run-of-the-mil*smack*yeah, he was bleeding. And...this was an odd position. Sure she'd been with people like this before, but...on this island, she'd only met one person who she hadn't killed or wanted to kill. And now, she was gone as well. So...if she wasn't in any position to actually be a harm or be in harm, what should she do?

You'd think she'd know.

But she instead commented.

"Uh...is he okay? What happened?"
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