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How cute.
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...He didn't really know how to respond.

Seriously, the first answer he got to his inquiry in to their health was simply enough, an answer amid sobs and tears and a reaction of a panicked girl. That was expected, that was normal... but this? This was just silly, listening to the boy ramble on and on, making constant references to games both old and new, giving away the nervousness he felt at that moment. He had to admit that he probably didn't have the appearance of someone who inspired safety or anything, that maybe the two of them were nervous at his sudden appearance with weapon in hand. Maybe they were right to be nervous around him, knowing what he's done already and what he was capable of doing, what he'd already decided he was capable of doing.

William had done it. Alex should be capable of doing it too.

The boy continued on as Alex came closer to the two of them, his eyes locked on the gun in the hands of the girl and the boys bag, his mind wandering and racing towards the conclusions and assumptions made about the people before him and their belongings. The question at the forefront of his thoughts quickly became what the boy may have as a weapon in that bag, if it was more of a threat than the gun in the hands of the girl or if it would pose an issue to Alex should he try to disarm them. But would he really need to resort to the force he used before to disarm them of the dangerous weapons in their possession? He jumped the gun with Nick, that was certainly a mistake, but Liz was already gone and he'd told himself he had no choice.

But now? Now he was faced with a nervous gamer and a girl who'd been crying just moments earlier.

Would he really jump straight to violence when handling them? He certainly didn't need to, it would be unnecessary and pointless, he already made that choice the last few times he'd been faced with the decision and things... things didn't work out too well. Maybe... maybe he should try something else, maybe he didn't need to go through this alone and maybe he could trust someone. Maybe he could get someone to trust him in this 'game', trust him enough to rely on him for their protection and keep them safe, trust him enough to let him use their weapons to defend them. He wouldn't need to use force to make sure the weapons weren't used against his friends, he could use trust, but in this game was that really a good choice?

Well, it was better than the choices he'd made before.

"I could be better, but everyone could, I suppose."

He responded to the boy's question of his own state of mind and body, his mental and physical and emotional status, as best as he could although he was not willing to admit that at least one of those probably wasn't in the best shape. He took a moment to examine any injuries he had accrued during his time spent wandering the island in search of the people he cared for; A cut on his arm covered with bandages that were likely dirty and a growing bruise on his side that had him worried some time ago. His back and arms were sore, not to mention his legs, but otherwise he was healthy. He was in a lot better shape than the people he'd fought, as far as he knew.

"A few cuts and bruises, but I'm no worse for wear. Emotionally... I'm... I'm alright, I suppose. I'd like to find a few people in particular, make sure that they are alright and that they haven't... y'know."

He didn't specify any names. Not now. Among the names of the ones he was looking for, two had already appeared on the announcements, had already killed their classmates for one reason or another. He wanted to find out those reasons, but their safety was the first thing that was on his mind and had been for a long time. He turned to face the two of them, digging the end of his chosen weapon into the ground as he leaned on it, making sure to avoid the soot covered and blackened end.

"Ran in to a few people that weren't exactly... friendly. But I'm in better shape than they are, I suppose. I guess I have my dad to thank for that, with everything he taught me. I just wish... I just wish I could do more. I just want to be able to keep someone safe, but I've already failed..."

For a moment, he looked to be visibly shaken by the thoughts running through his mind and the words he was trying to bring forth. Maybe they weren't of the subject he was speaking of, but they certainly seemed to have some effect, shaking the athletic young man as they did.

"I suppose you already heard, but Nick Reid killed someone. Thing is, I could have stopped him. Before it ever happened, I could have kept him from doing anything but I wasn't able to. He was right there, I had him right in front of me and despite everything I tried... He still got away with his weapons. He still ended up killing someone. He killed someone else yesterday, apparently."

His expression changed as he talked, shifted from the upset look he carried moments earlier to one of anger. Thing is... he didn't even know who that anger was directed at more, himself or Nick.

"I could have kept him from doing any of it and yet I made a mistake and failed and now... now two people are dead. Despite everything I tried, I couldn't protect anyone, couldn't prevent anything."

Without realizing it, he'd said far more than he needed to, said a lot more than he originally wanted to say to the two of them. He turned back to look at the two of them, unsure of what to say after all of that. After all of that, what could his point be to confide in them? A moment of thought brought out the answer.

"I just want to help but... I can't do it alone."
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