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A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other.
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The idea was sound and Sarah liked it. Usually the score for a film was implemented during the editing phase however given the sheer raw feel of a heartbeat the concept was something that felt like it very much fit in to the tone that Sarah was intending. If it all went horribly wrong she could just use the raw sound to set the soundtrack to.

"You know Alice, that just might work given the score we want to get across. I'm glad they sent me someone with initiative for once. You'll go far if you stick to your guns." The movement of Brock picking his way carefully through the shale and rocks near the mine entrance proper attracted the girl's attention and Sarah smiled while rolling her eyes. "So now he turns up. Late on set as per usual. No matter."

Pointing at her pack she continued. "Right so it's time to get down to business. Remember professionalism is key in all circumstances. You should find something in there to use because I want lie," Sarah let out a frustrated sigh, "chopping people up is hard work. You would think that with the props and the whole requiring possibly to re-shoot a scene they would make it so the prosthetics were a little easier to work with but nooooo, realism and consistency demands they emulate the body perfectly. Honestly last time I could of sworn the blood was real."

She had to give props to the make up guys, Miranda's blood really looked real when Sarah had stabbed her. "Anyway, so like, obviously we're going to have to go down there just follow my lead, I'm sure you'll pick it up."

Sarah began picking her way down the slope, avoiding loose rocks and debris and called out to Brock as she neared him. "Hey! Hey!" She waved one hand above her head realising she looked quite ridiculous with the huge rifle slung over her back and it did not make moving easy. Grabbing her water bottle (laced with the drug) she called out once more. Her name had been mentioned in the announcements. "Look, I'm not going to shoot - what the man said, it's not true he's just trying to get us to kill each other - I mean Alice wouldn't be hanging with me if was true - right Alice?" Sarah turned and smiled at Alice hopefully. "I know you'll be a little skeptical but here." Sarah threw the water bottle on the ground near Brock. "A gesture of good faith - we're running low but you look real parched. Maybe we can work something out?"

Hell it had worked before maybe it could work again. Although her brother was in the army Sarah had very little knowledge of how to load and fire a gun. Sure she knew the basics but if the weight lifter began to charge there was no possible way she would get a chance to fire. She just hoped Alice would take the blade from her pack if things got down to it. Her camera dangled by her side. The battery was running low and she had kept it turned off to conserve power, she would need as much as possible to do this right. As she watched Brock's response a tingling sensation coursed through her body and her heart leapt, beating wildly with the anticipation of what was to come.

The thudding and pounding of her heart joined Alice's pulsing in the rhythm of a heartbeat symphony.
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