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The faceless fear
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((Not planning to get inactives on Tiffany, so yeah.))

Tiffany huddled behind the boulder, trying to keep out of sight. The gun sat propped up against a rock next to her, its barrel pointed uselessly against the sky, but just within reach in case the other person decided to attack. She heard yelling, someone yelling about killing.

Quincy had returned, that much she knew. She peeked out a little from the boulder she was hiding behind, hoping that the other person, whoever he was, wasn't a good enough shot to hit her from whatever distance he was at. She quickly assessed the situation and ducked back behind the boulder.

Quincy was behind the other boy, Brian and he had a new weapon. There was another person on the mountain, but she couldn't see where the other person was. Whoever it was, their voice echoed all over the mountain badly enough that she couldn't quite pinpoint the other person's location.

Still, she wasn't about to let things get too much out of control. Quincy was still her protector for this point, after all. If Quincy's earlier behaviour was any indication, she needed more allies, more people to protect her. She called out to him.

The other kid was unlikely to be a friend, though, considering the way he was behaving. She grinned, hiding her face in her hands to hide her smile, then she cleared her throat and began to whimper.

"Quincy! Be careful! He has a gun!" she whimpered, ever the damsel in distress.

Hopefully, Quincy would be smart enough to take the gun. Maybe he'd even be smart enough to let that guy go while other people were watching.
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