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Time to Spare
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The drunk and unconscious kid had woken up sometime during the digging and Andrew stopped his skygazing to sit up and get a better look at him. The other boy looked like he had been through a lot and after he explained that he had just witnessed a killing, Andrew was able to better understand why he was completely shitfaced a couple of hours back. Not that he still didn't think this Kevin kid was anyone worth allying with in the game, but beggars couldn't be choosers. 'I'm probably lucky...I haven't seen anything horrible like that yet. Still...getting so drunk you pass out doesn't seem like a good coping method. But who knows, maybe it was so gruesome....ugh, better not think about it anymore.'

Isaiah gave his own clipped greeting and immediately followed with a farewell. Andrew just gave him a wave as the black runner walked off, a little disappointed that he hadn't stayed around to form a possible alliance. But Isaiah seemed to be more interested in finding random people to help like some sort of modern-day saint and Andrew silently wished him the best as he disappeared from sight. Turning his attention back to Kevin, he gave the hungover kid a short nod.

"Andrew Mitchell. I helped bury a kid who got shot in the forehead."

He couldn't help but grin. It wasn't a pleasant one but one that showed just how...how ridiculous everything seemed. Here they were, two kids who were surrounded by death, but they were chatting about it like it was the day's sports scores. It was twisted in such a horrible way, but at least neither of them had done any killing yet. ...At least, he hoped Kevin wasn't a liar and had actually just blown away several students. 'I've still got my gun...I don't think he's a killer, but just in case...'
"Oh god dammit, I lost my sense of humor around here. Someone help me find it."


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