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Wait, they actually agreed to it? God, he was joking. Sure enough, however, Izzy fired up the trumpet and Charlie sang along. Dave burst out laughing. Amazing. Completely amazing. Charlie joked about Izzy making a record or something.

"Yeah, We need to sign you up for American Idol or some shit. That shit was amazing." Dave sniffed and mimed wiping tears from his eyes. "Brings a tear to my eye."

This was great. Just... great, really. It was. Y'know what? Dave was really starting to like this little group they had going, even if he didn't know Helen or whatever it was yet. So much better than staying with that murdering fuckwad Roland, who was probably ripping his hair out right now to find out that yes, people could co-exist on the island without murdering each other. Everything was right in the world and all that crap.

Then some asshole wandered up and ruined it. He started asking if he minded if he joined their party. Dave wasn't sure about the others, he knew his answer to that one from pretty much the moment the new guy opened his mouth. He wasn't sure if the others would agree with it, but he figured he should make it known anyway. It would make a nice "I fucking told you so" if they said "Oh, okay, you can come chill with us!" only for him to stab them in the backs. Or chainsaw them, whatever. Well, he didn't look like he had a chainsaw, so Dave figured they were okay on that front. Well, did he mind, after all that?

"Yes." He said, apparently in tandem with Charlie.

Dave would have high-fived her if his hands weren't still bloody as hell. He really needed to do something about that. Shit though, their responses were in-sync and everything, that must have done wonders for whoever the fuck the new guy was's self-esteem. But yeah, he did mind, ever so slightly. Helen shrugged though, so Dave guessed she probably didn't care, and he had no idea what Izzy's opinion of the guy would be. But even if Izzy agreed, that was like, two opposed, maybe one for, and one who didn't give a fuck? Right, new guy wasn't welcome, Dave was free to be a douche to him if he sat down. He figured the others would be too.

First order of business for Dave, don't acknowledge him. Talk to one of the others. Talk about something one of they'd brought up earlier.

"Oh, You played in the band, Helen?" He turned to her. "How'd that one end?"

Noise from behind, was it another person? God, they went a whole fucking day without being spotted and now everyone was coming out of fucking nowhere. Probably no one important. Dave would acknowledge them when the others did.
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