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Max had literally just broken when Peter asked for the Gun. He started spouting something about "this all being part of his plan" and "manipulated and disposed of". He sounded like a conspiracy theorist. Peter only wanted the gun because he at least had some minimal experience with a gun. Granted it was a .22 pellet rifle at scout camp, but he had a basic understanding of a safety and gun safety in general. And Max obviously didn't. If he could have truly understood society and how it works, he would know that he should have prefaced with something about his experience, and not "Give me the God Damn gun". And he would have understood just how he came off to his now Ex-Companion.

But he didn't, and he never would. As it stood, he felt a twinge of relief that the crazy kid that he had misjudged was gone and couldn't hurt him or Katlin anymore. That sprint made Peter's eyes spin, watching fear and paranoia incarnate flee into the woods, probably towards his final resting place. And Peter hurt because he couldn't prevent this. But it was probably for the better. If Max was that unstable, Katlin and Peter really were in danger.

Thoughts of the two down in the field left his mind in favor of his group's own internal struggle. Now he just thought for Katlin. Had she fled during this incident?


"Peter! Let's go!"

Oh. That answered his question. Again he was caught off guard as Katlin sprinted past him. "Shit, wait for me!" His eyes flashed between his things, half strewn on the ground. Keeping up with her was more important than this stuff. The ground pad and binoculars laid on their own on the ground as he scooped up what of the pack he could, turning on his heel and running after, her, clipping the awkward bag as he ran, hoping nothing decided to fly out of the top. Almost as an afterthought, his hand hooked through one of the straps of the day pack, making sure he didn't lose his main food and water supply; those provided rations. "Katlin, wait up!" He shouted after her as he attempted to maintain his balance, his stubby little legs moving as fast as they could carry him.

((Peter McCue continued elsewhere.))
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