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(The return of Carla Conners. And me. Yay)

Carla Conners didn’t know why she was drawn to the fun fair of all places. Especially since marked places on the map would be the first place to find people. And people would kill her. I haven’t seen anybody since like, forever. Wandering alone across the island had taken its toll on her. Before the trip she’d compared herself to Angelina Jolie and not many people would argue against it. That was then. She was tired and hungry. Lonely and cold. The bags under her eyes betrayed her lack of sleep. Her shoes were filthy and there were spatters of mud on her face. Just keeping her eyes open was a struggle. But she was alive. The burning in her legs told her that much. She was surviving, every breath was full of defiance, a small ‘fuck you’ to Danya.

But people were killing each other. Her friends were killing each other. That shouldn’t be happening. We’re good, we’re all good and good people don’t kill people. These are people you’ve known for years. You couldn’t kill anyone of ‘em if you tried. Not to save yourself, not to save anyone. But them, they have killed. They can keep on killing. You won’t have to do a thing; they’ll just whittle themselves down to nothing while you skip on your merry way. Maybe I’ll go to the beach next. It’ll be nice to see the sea. Haha see the sea. These thoughts weren’t new to her; she’d been having them for days.

She walked into the fun fair hesitantly. She was alert and looking in all directions. It wasn’t long before she heard voices. Slipping the gun out of her bag she tried to ignore how good it felt to hold it. She’d never liked guns. Now she felt comforted by it. She tried to call out to whoever it was, but her voice was weak and raspy. Unable to get above a whisper she instead waved her arms frantically in their direction. She almost jumped up and down, but that was one satisfaction Danya would have to wait for.

I'm not as awesome as this song makes out
I'm angry, underweight and sketching out
I'm building bonfires on my vanities and doubts
To get warm just like everybody else

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