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^This is not what a Laz looks like^
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((Any GMing in the following posts was worked out between me and Goose prior.))

For about the first time in 48 hours, Rashid didn't feel paranoid or sad at all. Not that the complete consumption of his personality with blind rage substituted nicely for it, but as he hurtled headlong into Harun he figured it did the trick quite nicely. And the one thing he did notice when the two bodies finally impact was that the gun-blade didn't viciously impale him, sparing him a demise about as stupid as someone thinking they could remove their collar without detonating it.

The two fell to the ground together, Rashid's face leaning over Harun's shoulder and briefly impacting with the dirt ground. Rashid squinted and seethed as his upper body rebounded up into a sitting position, one leg between Harun's and the other to the side. With any luck, that the crunching sound he heard (with his own daypack behind him) was the sound of some of Harun's ribs breaking. He quickly rubbed whatever dirt he thought he caught on his face before shaking his head to regain his bearings and remember very clear intentions for his so-called "friend."

He bent forward again, this time only slightly, holding the smaller boy down by the shoulder with one arm and clenching the fist of his other hand with the obvious intent of tenderizing his classmate's face. The first one landed with a resounding 'clack' that inwardly encouraged him to continue.

"I'm...not...useless!" he shouted, timing his words with every punch. His lack of actual fighting skill, combined with the fact that he was furious as all fuck did nothing for his accuracy or balance, despite the fact that he practically pinned Harun to the ground. Each of the punches reverberated up his arm and straight into his shoulder, wearing him out quickly and slowing the return blows.

He also didn't seem to notice the fact that the gunblade had fallen to the side, which would have given him the perfect opportunity to pick it up. Were he not angry and his nose not bleeding a bit, he could have sworn he was having too much fun. And there was nobody else here to spoil it for him except the person he was beating.

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Proper Fucked: Harris Van Allen (The Program), Rashid Hassan (V4)
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