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As a certain pretentious faggot once said... "Another one bites the dust".

Unsurprisingly, the recoil on the gun turned out to be much stronger then he'd first anticipated. After firing off a dozen rounds in Imraan's direction, he was put somewhat off-balance by surprisingly velocity of the 1.23 kg gun in his hands. Not that it mattered, he'd still managed to gun down his target without much trou...

Wait... Did somebody just jump in the way of the bullets? And gave me the middle finger whilst he was at it?!? Damnit! No matter, I'll just have to... Jesus, that paki had a shotgun the whole time!?! Good god, I need to get into cover fast!

Barely seconds after he'd filled Cody with lead, Maxwell quickly leaped back into cover before he could be met with an inevitable counter-attack. He lay his back against the tree for a moment or so, trying to figure out what would be the best course of action before they tried to outflank him or something. His heart was pumping, adrenaline flowing through his veins as he realised just how dangerous a situation he was in...

...And he was loving every minute of it.

Now THIS is more like it! Much more sporting then those other morons I encountered... Why, no wonder so many idiots waste their lives by signing up to the army! The thrill of the hunt, the heat of battle... My god, I don't think I've ever felt more alive in my whole life!

He lifted his gun, taking a deep breath before running from his cover towards another tree that seven or so metres away from him. He had to keep his prey on their toes, make sure that they don't try to get the upper hand on him by moving in on his cover. Nevertheless, he didn't waste the opportunity to fire off the eight remaining rounds in the group's general direction. After reaching cover once again, took a moment to catch his breath before grabbing his gun with his left hand as his right took out the empty magazine and threw it away. He quickly unzipped the duffle bag he had slung over his shoulder, fetching out another magazine and slamming it into his gun.

Alrighty, so far so good...

He wasn't sure whether or not they'd started firing back. He was far too concerned with fighting back to tell if they had even bothered to try and oppose him. Still, whether they were fighting back or not, that didn't concern him one iota. He would open fire on them regardless of whether or not they had the spine to retaliate... Either way, he'd be one more step off this hell hole. Hmm, better keep them on their toes...

In all the excitement, he couldn't help but reach into his jacket pocket for his pistol and whip it out, firing off four rounds of it from behind his cover in his right hand as his left held tightly onto his TEC-9. He knew that trying to use two guns at the same time was a distinctly stupid idea. He had a hard enough time trying to hit people using one gun at a time, let alone two. Nevertheless, by this point he was too caught up in the moment to give a damn whether or not it was bright idea. What mattered to him at that moment was that there were at least four people still out there right now waiting for him to strike again, and if facing someone wielding two guns at the same time wasn't an intimidating sight then god knows what is...

Well, why keep them waiting any longer?

He held up his two weapons eagerly, mentally preparing himself for the struggle that he was about to ensue. Things hadn't quite gone to plan, that was obvious... Nevertheless, he still had the upper hand here. All it would take to finish this would be a couple of well placed rounds, and it'll all be over.

He was scared, definitely. Who WOULDN'T be scared in this kind of situation? But if anything, that just made the whole thing even more fun...

Alright then. 10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2......
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