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"I thought she was in danger," Belle said, shrugging.

Jackie would have slammed her face into a tree out of frustration if not for her self control. Well, good thing you took care of that little problem, right? Christ... "Okay. Anyway, I'll just go with you. I don't have much of a direction to go in, so I guess that I'm stuck with latching onto people for now."

"But I suppose I'm not the one with gun. Your call." She turned her eyes down the mountain. "Let's go."

She couldn't keep herself from twitching in response to that. It's not like I've even used it, anyway. "Yeah, let's go." The terrain was far from what Jackie was used to; in fact, she had gone on hikes exactly three times in her whole life. All of the hikes were in and around Bayview, so she wasn't exactly used to any terrain more treacherous than a sidewalk. As she took a few steps down, doing her best to keep up with Belle, goosebumps appeared on her arms.

The game had only just begun. Not only for her, but for everyone.

((Jacqueline "Jackie" Maxwell, continued Measure Once, Cut Twice.))
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