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Can you hear me?
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((Anna Chase continued from So What Do We Do Now? Hurr hurr "chase" scene.))


Her pale hands quickly soared through her remaining bag, pushing aside undergarments, packed clothes, toiletries, and many other miscellaneous objects.

Oh god, where was it? It had to be around here somewhere. She just remembered it was in there, and now... now... she just needed to know where it was.

Ah, there it was.

With trembling hands, Chase lifted the small box out of the bag, and slowly removed the lid. It... was safe. Thank god. She needed it right now. Just to hold it. Just to look at the contents.

Chase lifted the dark colored necklace out of its container, and placed it to her chest.

Like many people on the island, she had heard the announcement. The words echoed in her mind even now.

"Alllllright. Let's get down to the gritty details, shall we? First to die, right after our announcement, in fact, was Dawne Jiang. Miss Jiang decided that she couldn't, wouldn't hold her darling boyfriend Rekka back, and opted instead to stick around in a dangerzone. They say love makes you crazy, I didn't realise that meant 'stupid' too. Next..."

"Next to go down was the one and the only Jonathan Jarocki, who somehow got it into his head that running around and yelling and firing his gun like some kind of cowboy was a good idea. Miss Madelaine Smith proved exactly why that was not the case."

Her best friend. Her boy- her ex.

Gone. Killed. Dead.

She didn't even get to see them or anything. Just like that. Gone.

Dawne had apparently committed suicide. By the sound of things, Rekka was nearby at the time. Did this mean... oh god. If so, Chase knew why she did it. It wasn't rocket science or something.

Something had happened with Jon, and he for some reason was firing his gun and shouting. Someone got him. Madelaine Smith. That was their name. And Chase had no clue who that was.

Dawne's and Jon's faces appeared in her mind. Chase knew that she would never see either of them alive again. Never, ever. She could see them now; Dawne's vibrant blue eyes that sparkled with energy, the look of joy Jon had at prom... with each passing moment they were only memories, nothing more.

A thought passed through in Chase's mind. Could it be her fault?

If she and Dawne had acted more responsibly that night...

If she was a better girlfriend to Jon...

Maybe this wouldn't have happened.

Dawne would be alive. Jon would be alive. Everything would have been fine.


It was her fault...

Chase trembled further, staring at the ground.

She wanted to believe that this was some sort of mistake, that they were still out there. But, there it was, and she had to accept it.

But what did this mean now? Her best friend and ex-boyfriend were gone, having been picked off. What was there to do? She had wanted to find them, but now... she simply couldn't. Rekka was no longer an option, as who knew what had happened between him and Dawne before she... made her choice. So, any number of things could happen if she were to meet up with him, both good and bad. What about Brendan? As far as she could tell, he was safe, or at least alive and hadn't killed yet.

To be honest, some part of Chase did want to die right there on the spot, though. Maybe by pulling her collar, or plunging herself into the ocean. There was no good reason for her to live. Maybe? Well, she didn't have very much food, the only water she was able to find were from the stream and the ocean, the stream only being a slightly better choice, two people she cared about were dead, and it was only a matter of time before... well, she met up with one of the psychos and wouldn't make it out alive.

But was that really the best option?

Probably not, she thought to herself.

Despite all that she had been through so far, she had to admit; she didn't actually want to die. Deep down, the survival instinct was still there. She had been telling herself since the day before yesterday that she refused to die, and in the end, she still refused, even now.

Even if it was her fault they were gone.

Chase went to take another look at the necklace. Oh god, she could remember this. Just before she left him, he... gave her it. Now, she lifted it by the chain, letting it hang and shine in the light. Onyx... how much did he spend on it? He really didn't have to do it. She hadn't exactly been nice to him, and had broken up with him, and... he gave her it. For her birthday. He didn't have to. He didn't need to... heck, Chase had forgotten that day that it was her birthday, and only a bit earlier did she remember it was when they... well, got sent here.


Her eyes started to water again.

She was sorry. That was what she wanted to say to Jon and Dawne above all else. Just "I'm sorry". But then what after it? That, she had no clue.

But, she had to figure out where to go next. Where was Ben? She looked up, and looked around her. Nowhere in sight. Did... did Rasputin get to him? No, he couldn't have...

Right now, though, it was a good idea to keep moving.

Chase was about to put the necklace back in the box, and the box back into the bag, until she realized something. What if there was another Nancy situation? She didn't want to lose it so easily...

And with that, Chase had an idea. She put the box inside her bag, and unbuttoned the top of her dress just a tiny bit. Once it was loose enough, she slid the necklace inside her bra, and buttoned back up. She had never been particularly "big", but it fit in there quite nicely, and looked natural. And it meant that if she got robbed again, she wouldn't lose it. The last thing she wanted was to lose it. It was all she had left of Jon right now.

Zipping back up, she stood up and sighed to herself. God, this had been the first time she had been to a beach... was it? She couldn't remember. She might have been to the beach before, but Chase had always been one of the "city folk", having spent pretty much her entire life in the Twin Cities. She could remember the river, though.

Chase hoisted the bag over her shoulder, and so walked along the beach, the moist sand clinging to her clothes and boots. She had rested long enough, and it was a good idea to keep moving, right? Even if her legs ached from all that walking she did yesterday.

Soon she noticed what appeared to be a bright pink camo-patterned tent on a rock formation, with a girl looking at it and talking to it. Someone was inside it, obviously, but from here it sounded... male? God, things just kept getting weirder and weirder, didn't they? Some part of her wanted to continue believing that this was some sort of dream, and the fact that things were starting to become surreal supported this. And to make matters more surreal for Chase's stressed out mind, another girl, this time with dyed streaks in her hair and holding a crowbar, was approaching the tent as well.

God, to be honest, she felt like Alice in Wonderland with all this weirdness she kept running into. Of course, Alice didn't have to deal with Russian hockey players disemboweling people with chainsaws, guys running around with paintball guns, hipster chicks that mug people, and many other things she probably missed. In fact, that was actually a really bad analogy, now that she thought of it.

Chase padded over to the tent, wondering why people were crowding around it. Was it such a good idea to come so close? Some part of her told her to stay away, but well... curiosity killed the cat, as they said. The person in the tent seemed scared, almost as if he thought the people outside were going to kill him.

Chase kept a fair distance away, but spoke up.

"Hello?" she asked quietly.

Coming to a V7 near you.
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