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Where modesty's ill manners, 'tis but fit that impudence and malice pass for wit.
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((Eiko Haraguchi continued from Don't Go Breaking My Heart...))

When Eiko was very young, she broke one of her father's expensive vases. She knew how hard her father worked to acquire it and desperately tried to fix it. Finding glue was the easy part. The hard part was reassembling all of the pieces and keeping them together long enough for the glue to dry. But the glue was weak and the pieces were heavy and the weather was hot and humid, so her efforts were in vain. She lost count of the number of times the sticky mound of porcelain collapsed, and by the time her father found her, she lied prostrate on the ground, with glue-stained clothes and a blotchy, tear-slick face.

Now she found herself in the position of both the crumbling vase and the child desperately trying to hold it together. Over the past forty-eight hours, her frustration with her plight had shifted between anger, fear, depression, and hatred, some of which she secretly directed at Peter.

Her opinion on Peter was no less divided than it was when she first met him. She should have left him long ago. She should have done better and killed him. She had nothing to kill him with. She needed him. She couldn't get his blood on her hands. She couldn't give into the game. She should accept the game as soon as possible. She hated him. She tolerated him. He was an idiot with no plan or clue. He was her only hope of getting out alive.

And at one point, she did actually start to relate to him a bit. Through sheer boredom, she'd resorted on numerous occasions to talking to this person that she kind of knew, but didn't really. She learned less from him than she was comfortable with learning, though; whenever she felt the temptation to ramble, he let her take it, staying silent more often than not. And then she noticed it happening and broke off the conversation, only to start a new one when she got bored again in the next two hours.

The only really worthwhile conversation she remembered was when they camped out at the end of the first day. She finally took it upon herself to open her bag, only to discover that her weapon was a cheap SOTF lunchbox. Upon seeing it, she immediately took out her frustration on it, stomping it into the dirt, breaking the cheap piece of shit hinges open and snapping the ugly plastic bits into as many small pieces as she could before wearing herself out. When Peter asked why it happened, she brought out the bento box and showed him what a real lunch container should look like. She ate the contents for dinner that night, explaining to him that out of all the bits of Americana she'd seen over the past year, those cheap mockeries of quality bento hit her the hardest. It wasn't terribly rational of her, but she thought was allowed that one quirk.

She was thankful for a few things, though. She once again thanked heaven that she'd brought outdoor wear, even if it wasn't suited for particularly long hikes, and she made sure to thank Peter for steering them away from the grounds-keeper's hut. Even if he didn't know that it would be a danger zone by the time they got there, it still saved them from a life-threatening situation.

But the gratitude that she gave Peter for that was almost immediately yanked away by his insistence that they patrol the island in an attempt to outmaneuver any potential killers. It was... it was a bullshit idea and Eiko told him so. As much as she could appreciate his logic of not being pinned down in one place, constantly hiking everywhere was only going to wear them out so that they wouldn't have the strength to run if they did happen to stumble upon a killer. She couldn't argue his point of trying to avoid landmarks as well, only stating that some of the named areas described the whole region, which would be impossible to avoid, and that they couldn't be the only people who thought of that, either.

That said, she didn't have any better ideas, so she ended up begrudgingly following Peter. It gave her time to think. Entirely too much time.

Now they were in the exact same place they met. Was it worth it, Peter? Was it? Eiko could feel the wrinkles furrowing in her face from her grimacing. She didn't even bother putting on makeup that morning. What was the point anymore?

For the first time since they left the mansion in the first place, she saw two other people, which would have been a welcome reprieve if not for the tense situation they appeared to be in. Peter wanted to handle the situation himself, which irked her. Armed or not, they were other people, a commodity she sorely missed for a long time. She stayed back, but not as far as Peter wanted her to. She got close enough to see and hear everything the other two people said.

Now if only she could remember who these people were.
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