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Despite his reassurances to Maddy, she decided to run away unannounced while he was focused on Rashid. By the time Harun registered her leaving, she was already out of sight, and despite calling out her name half-heartedly once or twice, she didn't come back.

Absolutely fucking great.

There were three likely explanations for explaining why every girl Harun had met so far (with the possible exception of Mia) hadn't really seemed to trust him much: the people he'd encountered so far (aside from Rashid and Mia) had all become extremely paranoid already, Harun had suddenly become a lot more unintentionally intimidating and untrustworthy since arriving on the island, or Rashid was just scaring people off with his idiocy. Or a mixture of all three. To be honest, two fairly tall loud-mouthed young Muslim males were hardly on the top of many people's lists to trust in a terrorist situation (bloody stereotypes; people who sincerely believed they were all true were one of Harun's pet peeves), but that still didn't make it any less irritating.

Still, a few unlucky incidents shouldn't damper his spirits. No-one had killed him yet, which was a good sign. Dying sounded really depressing, to say the least. He'd had the fortune of waking up near Rashid, a guy he knew quite well and could trust, despite his impulsiveness and boisterous nature, and he just had to find some of his friends....the guys from the activist club would be his best bet. He got on with them fine for the most part, and they were some of the most likely candidates for a successful escape plot.

However, what Harun hadn't taken into consideration while doing some on-the-spot planning was the fact that Rashid was now running at him, with an intent that could hardly be described as friendly. As Rashid began letting out an almost war-cry-like yell and ran at Harun, Harun was left little time to react aside from changing his expression to one that could be summed up as an "oh shit" face.

As Rashid collided with into Harun, Harun toppled onto the ground, letting out a frustrated grunt of pain. The bag on his back both cushioned his fall and made it slightly more uncomfortable (and several crunching sounds were heard as the contents of the bag were smothered between the considerable weight of Harun and the floor), his sword-gun landing harmlessly a few feet away. A look of shock and panic spreading across his face (with similar feelings popping up in his mind), Harun looked up at Rashid. Harun had to admit; he was pretty fucking scared of Rashid at that point.
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