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'Clusterfuck' was about the right word to describe what just happened. The first girl started acting like throwing stones at someone was just a normal way to say hello. She also looked for her twin brother, Rob never heard of. The second girl pointed A RIFLE at him, which complicated things a bit. From what it looked like though, she didn't have a guts to fire it anytime soon. THEN, the annoying guy started freaking out about his broken speakers, before completely losing his composure and mumbling something about going away (and there was much rejoicing). Finally, when it looked like the situation cannot get any more weird, another guy appeared from the forest, suddenly claiming he know that twin guy, and looked like he just didn't care about a bunch of people pointing the guns at each other.

Oh joy... Rob thought. Looks like the merry company is going to assemble. I'm starting to think, that someone planted a magnet pulling all those stupid people toward me. Seriously, does anyone here even think about the strategy to survive anymore?

The list of priorities at that moment for Rob, looked like that:

a) Taking care of the girl holding the rifle, as a potential threat on his life.
b) Ignoring the newcomer.
c) Persuading the annoying guy to leave and/or beat the living crap out of him.
d) Eating something.

Rob almost completely forgot how hungry can someone be after waking up. Almost.

"Fine." He said to the girl, while lowering his gun-wielding hand. "Don't point that thing at me, and I won't point my thing on any of you. A fair deal, I think."

Rob looked at the new guy...

"Go ahead, and plan all you want, I'm not disturbing you anymore."

...And sent a few words to him before finally turning to the annoying guy.

"And you..." He pointed his finger at the guy, while still holding the gun with his other hand. "Better listen to yourself from a moment ago, and scram, before I'll blow your fucking head off. Those speakers were the most lenient punishment for your stunt anyway."
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