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"Oh, shut the fuck up!"

Things had already started falling into place. Harun pointed the gun-blade at Rashid, estimating the impact spot to be somewhere around his vital organs. All he needed to do was fire, but no, he decided to add insult to the inevitable injury.

"Seriously, Rashid, we're trying to act all fucking maturely here, we're trying to NOT kill each other, but noooo, you want us to "start shooting already." Well, if you had a gun...oh wait. You don't. You just have fucking iodine pills. Seriously, man, I got enough fucking problems without you wanting to turn every situation into a fucking firefight." Harun taunted.

His friend didn't react. Not too outwardly, anyway. He let himself take in every last word, every last reminder of how useless he was and would be. He wished there was a gun in his bag that he somehow overlooked, but it wasn't there. Just him, facing down a gunblade with nothing but a bottle of iodine pills. And all his mind and emotions slowly getting the better of him.

"Seriously, Rashid, man...just keep your mouth shut if you ain't got anything intelligent to say. Just let me do the talking. You're my friend, but I don't think that gives you an excuse to get me killed."

It didn't. Rashid kept his mouth, jaw, and fists tightly clenched shut, the latter starting to tremble as Harun turned back to Madeleine. He played the reaction he figured he was going to give over and over in his head, all he needed was enough willpower to actually execute it.

"Right, sorry about that. I believe you. For now. Damn....Rosa's left. Probably because of you, Rashid."

The next thing Rashid knew he inexorably found himself running as fast as his own trembling legs would carry him, about the same time Madeleine started to flee. But rather than run away from the situation as the two girls had done, he instead noticed Harun getting closer, and closer. That didn't disturb Rashid in the very least, as the words had apparently pushed him over the mental brink he'd found himself either teetering over or merely clinging to over the last 48 hours. This left only his despair mixed in quite nicely with an irrational urge to take out his rage on someone.

Which would also explain why he had started screaming as he extended his arms outward, ready to smack and/or choke a bitch as he flung himself upon his gunblade-wielding 'friend.'

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