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(David Meramac continued form Your Cross to Bear)

As David Meramac left the shadows of a building and broke into the sun-filled center of town--and, in doing so, into the midst of a rather tense and jittery group of people--it occurred to him he had developed an awful habit of intruding on people at the most inopportune moments. It was only a vague thought, coupled with the idea that such events never when well for him.

Had anyone died back there?

Night had fallen, they had shielded themselves in the warmth of the fire. In spite of his mental and physical exhaustion, in spite of the terror he felt at every shifting shadow and every random noise, he had begun to calm down. He had begun to feel, if not safe, than at least a little more certain of himself. He was very clearly with good people--Cody, Janet, Imraan...

All of whom might be dead right now. All of whom he had left, fighting in his wake as he'd taken off into the darkness.

His legs continued to burn, as did his throat. He had done nothing but run these past few days, and it showed in the sweat-stained stiffness of his clothes, his sunken eyes, his trembling limbs as he jogged unevenly over the ground, wove his way through buildings and broke out onto a new scene.

Onto new people.

At once he saw on their faces all the malice he knew must have been on their assailant's face last night, imagined the danger was back with him. Luck was on his side as he ran--he saw very few people as he ran, and those he saw were always far away. He encountered only one corpse, and that had been in the dead of night--he knew it only...

Only because he'd stumbled.

He flung himself backwards, feeling the limp body in his hands and hearing gunshots rip out of the darkness and seeing hatred on the faces of those he had run across. No mental function left; as he hit the ground, scrambling backwards, words vomited from his throat. "Don't kill me please don't kill me I'm not playing I don't even have a god damn weapon-!"
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