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For a moment there, when Rashid had shouted at Harun to shoot her, Madeleine's heart had sank, and she had closed her eyes for the inevitable. Those eyes quickly snapped back open, however, when Harun suddenly went off on his friend, cursing him out for a number of offenses which had apparently transpired between them. The artist blinked in confusion, and at that moment, she noticed that Rosa had slipped off, either during the time when Maddy was begging for her life or a little while afterwards. While she was happy that Rosa was safe, it occurred to her that this meant that she was alone, in the middle of a forest, with a couple of properly paranoid men who appeared to be on the cusp of leaping at each others' throats, let alone hers.

I'm sorry gentlemen, but I can't let myself die that way.

And so, even though this probably would run counter to any attempts she had made to make herself trustworthy, Maddy took this opportunity to run as far away from the two men as she could. It was common sense, really. Even if Harun claimed that he trusted her, he wouldn't be comfortable putting his life into her hands. It was far better for everyone's sakes that she simply went elsewhere and attempted to hook up with someone who she knew would trust her. Even Vivien would do in this circumstance, though the thought of having to rely on him for the rest of the game did not seem appealing to her at all.

Got to find this Anna Chase person. If that man wanted me to find her, she'll probably be a safe person to ally myself with.

And how do you know that? Besides, even if she was a safe person when Whatsisname knew her, what's to say that she hasn't succumbed to suspicion and fear as well?

I have to believe that she hasn't. If everyone's insane or afraid, then I'm going to be dead sooner or later. Someone has to still be listening to reason on this island.

With those conflicting thoughts running through her mind, Maddy ran as far as her legs would carry her, with the uncomfortable realization that if nobody had a sane mind anymore, if everyone was eventually going to snap like that man who she had killed, then she would have to kill again, and again, and again, just so that she could survive. A part of her was relishing that thought, and her hand was itching to reach into that purse and grasp that weapon once more, but that was perhaps even worse. The idea of her getting used to murder, or maybe even enjoying it some day, terrified her more than the thought of dying.

(Madeleine Smith continued elsewhere)
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