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((Simon Telamon continued from Watch Your Step))

Simon hadn't had a lot of time to really let his mind wander. After leaving the Hall of Mirrors, he took a nap for about an hour before having something to eat when he was woken up by some hellishly loud music. He would have asked whomever was doing it to stop, but given his encounters with the now-deceased Trevor and his former friend Nick, he decided such an action to be too risky. The one question that had really gnawed at his (and probably everyone's) mind (namely "Where are we?") started to fall into place. Whereas some people were thinking about landmarks and such, Simon had a slightly different way:

Okay, so if a stick in the ground can tell me which way is east, then it could possibly tell me where I am. All he needed was a protractor (which he naturally didn't have - who brought a protractor along when going camping?), but he could make a rough estimate of angles without one. All he had was a watch. 11:45 May as well start.

Step 1: At high noon, place a stick in the ground standing upright. He picked up a small stick and shoved it into the ground so it looked like a miniature flagpole.

Step 2: Measure the angle between the top of the shadow and the top of the stick. He looked at the shadow. All he could tell was that it was more than 45 degrees (He'd done it in St. Paul, at around 44 degrees north of the equator).

Step 3: Subtract 90 degrees to get the angle between the sun & the point directly overhead

Step 4: If the sun is north of you, subtract the angle from 0 degrees. He looked at the sun and to his compass

Add the declination of the sun to the calculated angle to obtain your approximate latitude. So basically, they had travelled … actually, he couldn't tell. Simply put, his estimates led him to believe that the island itself was south of St. Paul, but how far south was a mystery (In fact, without the protractor, Simon's reading was so rough, no real estimate could be made. For all he knew, he could still be in Minnesota). Essentially, Simon was right where he started: lost in a sea of potential killers, with a crap weapon, and no idea of how to get out without joining the insanity. So Simon was ...

Clink. Something struck his prosthetic leg, and a second later, the music stopped. He looked to his left, noting four people: two guys, one in an expensive but dirty jacket (Milo Taylor, known throughout school as a rich snob and the source of the loud music), the other wearing a sleeveless basketball jersey over a black vest (Rob Jenkins, noted over the announcements as the killer of Paige Strand, wearing a bulletproof vest), as well as two girls, a brunette in baggy clothes (Jessica Pentangeli), and a girl in a Metallica T-shirt with wildly colored hair (Alexandria Jackson, the person who threw the rocks). Although Rob had a gun, it was actually what Alex said as he approached them that caught his attention:

"Geez, all I wanted to know is if you'd seen my brother. Roman? He's about my height, wears totally boring button down shirts …" Wait. Back at the House of Mirrors, that Borat guy called to Roman, as if they knew each other. Of all the guys that he had seen, only one mad sense to identify ...

"Roman? Brown hair, thick glasses? I think I met him, at the ... I think it was called the Hall of Mirrors, but we went our separate ways. Some snob bitched me out when I asked if anyone had a plan. Anyone here have one?"
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