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Janet smiled as Jay stammered on and on. It was kinda cute. She supposed that his nervousness was stemming partially from the body and partially from her surprising him. She stepped a little closer, keeping her eyes on Jay.

'He could be useful. Of course he could be useful. He's probably got more upper body strength than me. He's also not as smart as me, which may make him easy to control.'

.... Am I really having this thought? How horrible.'

And yet.... And yet it's necessary, isn't it? I don't play to lose. I play to win. I'm... probably going to have to try new ways to control him. Intimidation won't work....'

Oh God. I'm going to have to be flirty. UGH.'

Did he just hit himself in the forehead?'

Janet blinked slightly, frowning slightly in concern as Jay hit himself on the head. He quickly explained his strange action, then got a little sarcastic about the headless body. Janet glanced down at the body, thinking for a moment.

"Well, I would like to sit down and maybe eat something. But I definitely don't want to sit here with a dead body. That's just kinda gross."

She stepped slightly closer to Jay, pointing toward the old carousel. She gently, with almost calculated incidence, brushed her hand against Jay's chest.

"Over there looks nice."
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