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{{continued from The Manslut, the Cocktease and the Lover}}

Duncan walked along in grim silence, his daypack in one hand, slung over his shoulder, and in the other the sharpened stick, lost in thought as he went. Maria just couldn't be a killer. It had to be some kind of accident. That's what he kept telling himself, anyway. But still, the image of Maria standing over a burning corpse with a maniacal grin on her face persisted.

He remembered watching a few clips from the show a long while ago, and though it revolted him, he still found himself drawn to it, morbid curiosity driving him to learn more. Though it was a phase he eventually got over, he still came out of it with the knowledge of what this game did to people, and though he was loath to admit it, the idea that Maria had become a player was a possibility at this point. But that didn't mean he had to accept it, goddammit. If only he could find her, get the story out of her.

And then a tree branch hit him in the face.

"Aah!" Duncan was taken by surprise, stumbling backwards. Damn, he really wasn't paying attention to where he was going, was he? Moving back forwards again, this time stepping around the offending branch, he soon came to a halt again as he found himself staring out at a building, with a couple people standing nearby, and...

"It's you..." That really was the girl from the tunnel, who ran out on him and the others. He started to step forward again, but stopped as he remembered that she seemed to be easily spooked. "Uh...hey, it's okay. I'm still not here to hurt you or anything." He stopped as he realized something. "I mean, I'm not following you or anything. I was just heading in the same direction."

Great, now he looked like a stalker.
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The Dead

She wanted those horrible metal balls to stop banging against her legs

But would Celeste even want help from a guy that whips out his pistol without a second thought?
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