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So apparently it was self-defence or something like that?

Keeping his eyes firmly locked onto Madeleine as she tried to convince them that she was justified in killing Jonathan Jarocki, Harun wondered how exactly to respond to the first killer he'd met on the island. To be honest, she seemed sincere, but Harun hardly knew the girl well at all; for all he knew, she might just be one of those manipulative bitches who was REALLY good at acting nice, innocent and vulnerable, deceiving people, getting friendly with them, and just when their guard was down, stabbing them in the back and leaving them alone to rot. Or, she might genuinely just be someone who got shot at by a guy (Harun didn't really know this Jarocki kid either, not feeling any real emotional attachment to him, and he didn't know whether he was the sort of guy to go all batshit and shoot at a girl and her friends) and then, in panic, shot back at him in response, only to kill him instantly. Of course, it may have been the other way round (Madeleine may have been the aggressor, except unlike Jarocki she may have had better aim) but still.

Innocent until proven guilty, right?

Knowing full well that that mindset could very well come back to bite him in the arse, Harun prepared to lower his gun and begin talking on a more civil level with Madeleine and Rosa (Harun was still unaware she had abandoned the scene the moment the faintest hint of trouble appeared during the announcement. In a strange reversal from what it was before the announcement, his mind was now firmly on Madeleine). However, Rashid decided to choose this moment to speak up.

"Just fucking start shooting already!"

"Oh, shut the fuck up!" Harun turned around slightly, so that his gun (which he was now holding at his hip) and his eyes were aimed straight at his companion and friend. "Seriously, Rashid, we're trying to act all fucking maturely here, we're trying to NOT kill each other, but noooo, you want us to "start shooting already." Well, if you had a gun...oh wait. You don't. You just have fucking iodine pills. Seriously, man, I got enough fucking problems without you wanting to turn every situation into a fucking firefight." The bit about him having enough problems was undeniably true. Aside from the fact that he had to accept that him and all his friends were probably going to die nasty, horrid deaths within a short while, he had things like food and privacy and giant animals and all that to worry about. Not to mention the fact that the more hormonal part of his mind still wanted to think about Rosa. Which was not helping.

"Seriously, Rashid, man...just keep your mouth shut if you ain't got anything intelligent to say. Just let me do the talking. You're my friend, but I don't think that gives you an excuse to get me killed." Just like with Harun's offer to do the fighting for the pair while back in the mansion, this was a bit strange, seeing that Harun was definitely somewhat socially awkward. But, clumsy socially awkward mutterings were a lot less likely to cause problems than impulsively yelling out "let's all shoot each other lol" like it was a video game. Turning back to Madeleine to make sure she hadn't decided to pull out a knife and stab him in the back while he was distracted with Rashid, he said "Right, sorry about that. I believe you. For now." Looking at where Rosa was standing, he noticed she had gone. "Damn....Rosa's left. Probably because of you, Rashid."
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