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"Hey, ease up! It's me, Craig! You know, went to school together? We were jus' sitting here, Haruka, so you're alright! S-Scared us a bit, though!"

It was hard to feel scared. Of course she was still terrified but the fear seemed to be evaporating in small invisible clouds. There was just something about Craig, ignoring the fact that he could pick her up with one hand and snap her spine like a twig, he just had one of those friendly faces. The kind of faces that made you feel warm and at home, the one that made you feel like everything was going to be okay. The way he talk sounded both simple and friendly, not childish by any means, but the sort of voice you'd expect from a friendly neighbour who invited you around for barbeques.

Haruka bowed her head, and wiped her hands down the sides of her sweater. She looked back up, staring at Craig, then at Trent. There was still something a little off about the other boy, but she kept reassuring herself that she was making it up. Craig even knew her name. She was the girl that seeped into the background and tried not to be noticed, and he knew her. He gave a friendly chuckle before talking again.

"Sit with us if you want, or go if you want... We're just hanging out for a little bit. My legs hurt like hell!"

"I-I'm sorry for scaring you, I r-really didn't mean to! I just, I guessed I was b-being paranoid and t-thought you were going to hurt me." She had planned to choose her words carefully but they simply spilled out and she was worried about whether or not she sounded stupid. Craig seemed optimistic, like he could be a friendly big brother or maybe a counsellor at a summer camp. She had been running from company for the better part of three days and she finally felt as if she had ran into somebody she didn't need to be scared of.

Whether or not she was right to run from the tunnels, she was glad that she did now. She was pretty sure Trent was okay too, but there was a nagging feeling that he may have a dark agenda, after all, Craig was quick to offer that she sat with them despite knowing nothing about her activities since the games had started.

Is that really my cause for concern? Him being so trusting of me so soon? I'm hardly the most threatening person on this island, even if I wanted to be. Who'd be scared of a meek Japanese girl? The Ishida's seem harmless, Eiko Haraguchi was always polite to just about everyone and of course there's me, the quiet girl who volunteered at the animal pound...

Haruka gave a faint smile and bowed her head, before reaching down to grab her bag. She slowly climbed off of the flowerbed, and now had to crane her neck to maintain eye contact with the two boys. "I don't w-want to impose, but s-sitting with you has been the b-best offer I've had s-since I woke up the other day."
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