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Marco shook his head. "I haven't seen any of the team either," he replied sadly. "Though I'm avoiding Alex and Staffan, for obvious reasons..." He could leave the rest up for Phil to figure out. Surely he'd have heard over the announcements that Alex and Staffan had murdered some of their fellow students. Alex had killed TWICE, for goodness sake.

'Who else is there, though?' Marco thought, wondering who else on the team had been abducted. He knew he saw Trent, Nik and Garry on the coach before blacking out and waking up in the auditorium, and he was certain he saw Dustin and Dan ('is he even considered part of the team anymore?') just before they boarded.

He looked to the Hispanic girl whom Phil introduced and gave her a brief smile. She looked familiar, obviously he'd seen her around school before but he hadn't gotten to know her name. 'Jennifer Perez, huh? Oh right, Romita, the slut. Yeah, no wonder you don't want to be associated with her,' Marco thought, knowing full well about the other girl's exploits. Hell, the whole school most likely knew about them.

Phil went on and talked about how she'd helped him when Guthrie had attacked them. 'Wait, Guthrie... wasn't he on the announcement?' Marco wondered, the guy's first name escaping him for a moment. Jennifer spoke up and confirmed his suspicions; they'd been around when Tom Guthrie ('that's his name') had been killed by Nick Reid. 'Damn... what the hell happened? Did they help Nick kill him? Was it self defense?'

Marco's mind was buzzing with questions to ask Jennifer and Phil, but he didn't get much of a chance to reply, for another girl had suddenly come crashing through the vegetation, crying out for water. Phil had immediately blurted out, quite harshly in Marco's opinion, that they had none. Jennifer was more sympathetic to the girl's plight and produced half a bottle to give to her.

"Jennifer, save that for yourself, I have a full bottle here," Marco said, pulling it out of his bag and offering it to the girl. The condition this girl was in, she looked in no fit state to do anything, let alone attack them. Jennifer stated that they ought to go for a refill and Marco immediately piped up. "Hey, I know where we can go for that!" he spoke excitedly. "I crossed a stream on the way here, the water looked pretty good, it's where I topped up that bottle. It's just in that direction." Marco turned and pointed to the east, the direction he'd just travelled from.
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