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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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"Craig, get over here."

"Wh... w-what is it?"

Trent's voice was saturated with fear to the point where it was practically dripping with it. What... did he see something? What could Trent have possibly found? Was it a weapon of some sort as evidence of some macabre (Craig was really never sure how to pronounce that) crime, or... did Trent find even darker evidence... the kind that would satisfy Habeus Corpus? Craig shied away from the fountain by once step, looking at Trent's face yet refusing to trace his gaze to the spot where he was looking. If there was a body in the flowerbed, he didn't want to see it...

"I think someone's hiding."

... That was it? Somebody was hiding in the flowers? The tension held up for a few seconds more in consideration of how he should've reacted, but it fell through in a matter of just a few seconds. "Oh... oh, right!" Craig had to force some uneasiness within himself, but he was glad to have some company to join himself and Trent, particular when Owen seemed to disappear. Or maybe he was just imagining things? Who knew... but if he was imagining his friends, then he was either losing it, or going through an understandable period of loneliness. This wasn't meant to knock on Trent or anything, but often a person needs more than one companion.

Craig stepped cautiously to the patch of flowers, gulping. He saw the dark shape within as well, but it didn't seem to be moving much at all... what if it was a body? Then what? He wasn't sure how well he'd handle that. Then the flowers moved.

Craig let out a bit of a surprised cough or squeak, or a strange mix between the two, and he let it out almost before the flowers had even moved. A girl rose from the flowers, her arms up and... as surprising as the event was, she seemed to be shaking harder than Craig had at any time on this island. Quite the feat, considering his gut tended to act similar to grape jelly in terms of movement.

"L-Look I wasn't spying on you g-guys! I was just w-waiting for you to go away!"

The girl was Haruka Watanabe. Craig could never forget that freaking name... it was just so much fun to say! Ha-ru-ka Wa-ta-na-be. It can amuse small children and artistic giants for hours at a time. The two were almost the same height at the given vantage points, impressive considering Haruka rose from and was standing on a raised flowerbed, boosting her height by nearly two feet.

"Just, leave me a-alone and I'll leave, o-okay?"

Well, this was certainly a familiar reaction, and one that was far more understandable when, according to the powers that be, their mutual classmates were dying (but pics or it didn't happen, damn it!). Still, Craig felt absolutely terrible that the girl would be so frightful of the two... they wouldn't hurt her at all! Not Trent, and certainly not himself...

"Hey, ease up! It's me, Craig! You know, went to school together? We were jus' sitting here, Haruka, so you're alright! S-Scared us a bit, though!" Craig ended the sentence on a note of ease, chuckling. "Sit with us if you want, or go if you want... We're just hanging out for a little bit. My legs hurt like hell!"
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