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[[OOC: Your wish is my command~]]

"As I'll ever be. I was planning to ditch some weight, but makes more sense to do that when we get there."

Hayley was playing with her gun.

What the fuck am I doing?

That was honestly not the question of the moment so much as the question of the island. Less than an hour ago (had it been? she never had any grasp on time, and not having a cell phone or an iPod to tell her the time was seriously fucking with her) she had cut a second boy's head off and now she was playing with his gun.

The main problem was that that wasn't even what was bothering her.

I'm gonna end up turning the safety off and accidentally shooting myself in the damn foot. What did my parents say? Don't play with your food, don't play with mommy's makeup, don't play with deadly weaponry...heh.

She was in a why is the first adjective I think of 'derpy'? That's not even a word... kind of mood. Her mind was spouting non-sequiturs at an alarming rate and she was finding it close to impossible to focus. Bizarre. It was like telling her mind to turn off had an actual effect. Or maybe she was just losing it.

Same difference.

She put Vera away for the moment and took out a cigarette instead. Inhale, exhale, it almost helped, and it didn't even bother her that the pack was almost half done. There's another pack left, after all. Besides, not like I'm gonna live long enough to run out, right? Hah.

Hayley wasn't sure she believed that anymore. With Vera by her side who the fuck was to say that she wasn't gonna get out of this alive?

Psh, what is this confident bullshit? Having a gun only means you're gonna live if you're willing to, you know, shoot people. INCLUDING your friends, not just assholes who point their guns at people you care about.

Yeah, well, for now I can just shoot the assholes who point their guns at people I care about, right? I can cross the other damn bridges when I get to them.

She returned her attention to Ema. She had in all honesty also completely forgotten her offer to carry Ema's stuff, and in all honesty she didn't want to anymore. She needed to stand up straight to aim. And damn straight she needed her aim more than anything right now.

"So, were you going to get dressed, or are you planning to distract enemies with your boobs?"

Hayley laughed. It was weird, hearing Ema talk like that, but she didn't really care- most of Hayley's other friends talked like that all the damn time and it was kind of comforting to hear.

"Oh, definitely the latter. Nah, like...I don't know, it's too hot out for clothes." She laughed again. "That's such a me-statement to make, damn. But yeah, I think I'll hold off until we get to my clothes. Can't stay naked forever...I guess. Maybe. Perhaps."

With a final grin and a final pull on her cigarette, she flicked the butt away and took Vera out of her bag, her grip tight to keep herself from messing around.

"Alright. We be out!"

And with that eloquent statement she walked into the trees, Ema and Kyle following close behind her.

[[Hayley Kelly, Ema Ryan and Kyle Portman continued in Going Round in Circles]]

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