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Garry was completely oblivious to Marion's arrival and decision to settle down. In fact he was ignorant to everything that was going on around him, lost in his thoughts as his mind tried to come to terms with what he'd just heard. Violetta was dead. Dougal had died. Two of his friends and team mates had become murderers during the previous day. His world had come crashing down all around him.

He felt Luke's hand gently rest on his shoulder but he didn't turn to face him. He got up into a kneeling position and just stared at the beret grasped tightly in his hand instead. He'd made a promise to Cyrille that he would find Violetta and deliver the garment to her. He hadn't been able to do it. 'I'm sorry, Cyrille. I... I couldn't do it. I've failed the pair of you.'

The odds of finding Violetta had been stacked against him from the start, but that didn't factor into his thinking. All he thought about was that it was his fault and his fault alone that he couldn't locate her. 'It's all my fault,' Garry thought, the words echoing and increasing in volume. 'All my fault. All my fault! ALL MY FAULT!'

"IT'S ALL MY FAULT!" he suddenly howled out, slamming his knuckles into the hard ground. It was a foolish move and he whimpered in pain, bringing his hands up and cupping them and the beret over his face. Blood from his knuckles started to trickle down his right hand as he continued to kneel on the spot, his shoulders jerking up and down with each sob.

'Everything's gone, it's all over now, what do I do?' he thought.

Not once did it cross his mind that Saul's name wasn't read out, and thus he was still very much alive. And with his head in his hands, he didn't notice a black and purple-haired girl had just that second came across them, not that he would've recognised her as the double-murderer (triple really, but he didn't know that) Clio Gabriella anyway.
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