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Jasper-Declan frowned an almost imperceptible frown.

He was being ignored.

Not that he wasn't used to that- Jasper-Declan had spent essentially his entire life (outside of his home) either ignored, mocked or resented, and as he was basically a harmless oddball the first was by far the most common. But even after the short time he'd spent with George and Marion and Carly, he'd grown a bit...Spoiled, is that the word? Perhaps spoiled. Spoiled enough to believe I do not deserve contempt or to be ignored. Perhaps to others that is normal but to me...spoiled.

This was a selfish action, was it not? To come here and attempt to help people I do not know? At possible expense to myself...they could have been armed. Could have harmed me.

His frown grew slightly deeper. 'Could have harmed me' wasn't even a sentence. He obviously wasn't thinking clearly.

And yet, I am given no attention. Is it not prudent to accept assistance when it is offered? Especially when it is clear that assistance is needed. And yet...Perhaps it is simply because it is me.

He grew sad for a moment.

Then paused.

Then shook it off. His face returned to it's usual, blank expression. Neutrality at all times.

It does not matter. Others have always ignored me...George and Marion and Carly are exceptions, like Alex and Jay, not a replacement rule. The island is no different than Bayview...except, perhaps, with a bit more blood.

"I think they've got things under control. We should probably just let them be. You coming, Carly?"

Jasper-Declan blinked, having not realized that George had approached him. Carly was nearby- for a moment, Jasper-Declan thought that the invitation did not extend to him- that he was on his own again. The melancholy that this thought brought him did not have time to sink in before he realized that George, who had began to walk, was motioning towards him, too. He realized at this point that Marion was gone.

Perhaps she had her own plans...ah, well, such is life. At least I am still in good company.

"In good company?" That wasn't the kind of phrase he'd ever heard himself use. This island is doing odd things to my brain.

He followed, silently, lost in his mind.

[[Jasper-Declan continued in Late Dawns and Early Sunsets]]
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