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This... Was unexpected.

He was so sure that after whoever was out there had figured out Marty was bluffing that they would just open fire on him, no questions asked or anything. But instead of being met with a hail of bullets, this girl was actually putting her hands up.

Wait wait wait wait...... That actually worked? I mean, damn! Maybe that wasn't such a crappy bluff after all...

After that, she began to explain how she wasn't a killer, and that all she wanted to do was lay low and stay quiet. Not that Marty could blame really her, what with all the psychos going around carving people up and stuff. Although that was assuming of course that this girl wasn't one of those psychopaths herself. And a particularly dumb on at that, if she fell for such a shitty bluff...

Then again, maybe he was just being overcautious. Who knows, maybe this newcomer's just telling the truth? After all, if she was a dumb psychopath she probably wouldn't of bothered knocking anyway. It wasn't too hard to believe that maybe he wasn't the only guy here who didn't have any intention of playing along. He was willing to play possum, yeah, but not going out and friggin' KILLING people! What kind of crazed nutjob would be able to do that with a smile on their face?

He gulped, the realisation that he'd been silent for at least an entire minute dawning upon him. He had to say SOMETHING. Anything! He still didn't trust this new girl, but at the same time he didn't want to rule out the possibility that they might actually be telling the truth here.

He lowered his "gun" and scratched his head, mumbling to himself for a moment before thinking of something to say. "Well, um... I suppose if you put it that way......"


What the shit!?!

Someone else had arrived. Another girl in fact. Only this time he vaguely recognized her voice from history class... Michelle O'Crane or something? What was SHE doing here? Then again, what the hell was HE doing here. Or any of them for that matter... Marty hadn't the slightest idea as to what to do. One potential psychopath was bad enough, but TWO?

Yup, i'm fucked... I wonder what Joshua would do in this situation? Knowing him, he'd probably stick his head out of the tent and say "Ootini!" or something...

As it happened, Joshua at that moment was still humming quietly to himself when he spotted something strange in the distance. Namely a pink tent with two girls standing right outside it. Huh, thats odd... They having a tea party or something?

He scratched his head and brought up his pistol crossbow, just in case these girls turned out to be dangerous. They LOOKED harmless from where he was standing... Then again, so did Eva. And Janet Binachi whenever he recalled her back at Bayview... No harm in being careful, right?

From the looks of things, neither of them noticed him yet. He wasn't exactly sure if he wanted to show himself QUITE yet. Besides, maybe it'd be best to just leave 'em alone and move along as if nothing happened. Yeah, that sounds like a good idea come to think of it...

With this in mind, he turned away from the beach and began to quietly make his way into the woods. Best to just leave them alone to do whatever... Not really his place to butt in. Its not like they could know where Marty was or anything......

((Joshua Krakowski continued elsewhere...))
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