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((Also some GMing to go))

Brendan could see that Sarah was getting focused again, so he kept his foot in the air and laid back down as she did her work. Before she did, however, she slipped something into his hands, and muttured something about it hurting.

...hurting? What's supposed to be hu-JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!

He could feel the iodine that Sarah was using burn into his skin. Bar the previous experience (water? bah, who cares about that stuff?) THIS was the most painful thing he'd ever felt in his life. Well, the most painful physical thing anyway.

His hands clenched down on the pieces of cloth as his skin was painfully cleansed of the disease and anything else that would have infected it. Finally, a few minutes of agonizing pain later, it was over. His skin was still prickling with the odd sensation, or what was now odd to him, of NOT being on fire, but still in extreme pain. Some surgical tape, over his skin, an extremely tight bandage, and a good warning later, it was over. His foot was still rather numb with a stinging sensation, and he was not sure he could actually walk. It could definitely rip something, right?

Sarah had started off with her bag, and all that was left was...Stacy.

"Uh, yeah. I think she wants to go now, and I can't really walk, so..."

Touching the ground with his right foot, he pushed himself up. He spotted his bag on the ground next to the others on the ground, and hopped a few paces forward to scoop it up. He had everything he needed here.

Smiling, he motioned towards the direction that Sarah was headed.

"After you then...no wait, I'll need a bit of help," Brendan smirked. He put his arm around the goth girl's shoulder. With this, they started off after Sarah.

...and as long as Sarah didn't remember that the two pieces of cloth, that is, two pairs of her panties, were now spread out in the deepness of his pockets, then he was probably gonna have a great time of rest once they stopped.

It was an island after all. Wasn't any crime in enjoying himself.

((Brendan Wallace and Stacy Hart continued in Gypsy Rap...))
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I can't sing but I wrote you a song

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