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((Sarah Atwell continued from The Wrong Tool for the Job))

She looked puzzled momentarily before nodding.

"Yes... yes of course. Estevan mentioned something about a new hire. Well don't just stand there you sap. Take this." Slumping the pack off her shoulders Sarah handed the bag to Alice while surveying the immediate area, letting the sniper rifle drop on its strap so she could use her hands. The mine itself was substantially large and Sarah used her index fingers and thumbs to frame the vicinity panning slowly across.

"So," she began, "I'm sure you've been briefed but what we do out here on location is a lot harder than that intern work back at Cannes. We've got some quality actors out there and it's going to be your job to ensure they perform well." Sarah trailed off in silence before turning to Alice, "and you would not want to screw that up would you sweetie?" Her grin turned southwards, turning in to a stern frown. "Because I would have to fire you, and I assure you that would be very unpleasant."

Please, not another one. I can't take it, please stop. Please.

Sarah didn't really want to lose her assistant but the film industry was harsh and there would be no time for mistakes. When it came down to it if Alice didn't perform up to the standards she expected from anyone who would work on such an audacious project she would have to be removed. Still staring at the European girl Sarah continued. "Good, I'm glad you agree - we're going to have to find an actor for this next scene, so I want you to find someone who fits the bill. With an independent film such as this I know you understand that your duties will be both varied and difficult. In essence you're going to have to get your hands dirty."

Run Alice, run. She'll just kill you!

Sarah motioned to her bloodstained clothes. "Now obviously I won't ask you to do anything I wouldn't do so there's nothing to fear little lady and, this will look fantastic on your resume. I assume you've read the script so before we get started did you have any questions for me?"

Someone let me out.

It was good to have someone actually listen to her. The people she previously had worked with had been so uncooperative. It would be a relief to have someone competent to assist her in the film making process. She was beginning to think her entire crew had disappeared on her. This was a great location though and she was glad she had found it. Pefectly secluded, great acoustics for the type of sound she was going for here and from this vantage point she could see quite far in all directions. Sarah tilted her head to one side and felt the shift of the sniper rifle along her back.

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